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  1. First Post
  2. Looks Great!
  3. When not talking furniture.....
  4. Things I've learned on the furniture trucks.
  5. Celebrity Sales
  6. Sarah Palin and Tina Fey
  7. Celebrtity Father of The Year
  8. News on the Cancer fronts
  9. Delivering in Downtown D.C.
  10. CA Fires
  11. Best Customer Story EVER
  12. Your Government in Action - A True Story
  13. VOTE!!!!
  14. Auto Execs and their private jets
  15. Two More and I'm an Ace
  16. Seatbelts
  17. Mother of the Year Award?
  18. Neat! I can see Duane's store from here.
  19. We have a new President
  20. Snowed in.
  21. Fluff
  22. Three Years & Counting on the Cancer Front
  23. Movies
  24. Are you snowed-in today?
  25. What does 1 trillion dollars look like?
  26. Customer of the Day
  27. Funny customer
  28. Amazing Furniture!
  29. Tax Season
  30. New Computer and Aggravations
  31. Gym membership
  32. Enjoy a Neat Youtube Video
  33. The latest H&M Recliner
  34. Moving into the 21st Century
  35. Paintball
  36. Great Motorcycle Ride Today
  37. Boston and Texas
  38. You Tube Fun
  39. My Toolbox
  40. Everything ordered.....thought you would enjoy this car bit
  41. Flying a 12-year-old
  42. My kind of order....
  43. Off to College
  44. Tough Morning
  45. Superb Customer Service...just like Duane!
  46. The BMW Graveyard
  47. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  48. Story not about furniture
  49. The Penalty
  50. "That's a good Cookie"
  51. Snow!
  52. Merry Christmas !
  53. H&M Quintessence Ebony Project
  54. Aggravation
  55. One of those Days
  56. Google Chrome
  57. Camping Recommendations Needed
  58. Long Distance Customers
  59. Late Night Fun
  60. Next time someone tells me a leather sofa is too expensive....
  61. One of my customers passed away...
  62. Mom threw out my comic books...
  63. Midlife Crisis Car
  64. Off to China
  65. We've got TROUBLE....
  66. Porsche Leather Help
  67. New toy has arrived
  68. My 2007 Honda Civic Needs New Tires (Probably): Need Advice!
  69. Diamonds are Forever?
  70. A little story about giving, and getting back.
  71. Carnival Cruise
  72. Perspective
  73. This is how you do it...
  74. Mad as Spit
  75. New Cigarette Packaging
  76. Let's see a photo of your pet!
  77. Uplifting Start to the Holiday Season
  78. Gift Card Deal on-line
  79. Because Everything Can Be Made from Wood
  80. A small kindness
  81. You won't believe this iPod Cable install
  82. More Tire Questions?
  83. Earthquake/Tsnumai in Japan
  84. Other Hobbies?
  85. Parents of the Year
  86. Back from the Ride: Smokey Mountains
  87. Craigslist vs. Reality
  88. Never Test Ride a new Bike
  89. On the topic of BMW's..
  90. Why Apple has so many fans
  91. What is your favorite restaurant/food?
  92. I love a good steak, but this is where I draw the line..
  93. Happy Fathers Day!
  94. "Outside Dogs"
  95. Mastercard/Visa/Discover are modern-day crooks
  96. Earthquake
  97. The fun in life..
  98. Major flooding in Northern Virginia
  99. Trouble with PM????
  100. American Furniture Manufacturing Innovation
  101. How well do you know your architectual styles?
  102. Steve Jobs R.I.P.
  103. My Winter Project
  104. Fine Dining
  105. Happy thanksgiving!!!
  106. New Puppy!
  107. Alec Baldwin gets pulled off the plane...
  108. Duane, Have you used the Honda?
  109. What did you do for New Year's ?
  110. Recommendations for Leather Boot Waterproofing?
  111. The Circle Back Rule still in effect
  112. Never talk politics.
  113. The BIG Game!!
  114. Almost spring
  115. Pet Toys - new business
  116. Lower Back Pain
  117. The Fix-it Dad
  118. Catalog Marketing of Furniture
  119. This is how you do it...
  120. Effective anti-smoking ad
  121. Space Shuttle Discovery comes to town
  122. Next time your teenagers start whining...
  123. Our English Bulldog Pics
  124. New Puppy! Golden Retriever
  125. Sony RX100 Camera - an amazing pocket camera
  126. Breaking Bad Dad
  127. Exchange Rate, American Dollar
  128. iPhone 5 anyone?
  129. Dymo Mailing System Deal
  130. New Diesel Truck Emissions
  131. I did a bad, bad thing...
  132. The Election is Finally Over!
  133. Worth a Read
  134. Horror in Connecticut
  135. Otterbox ; A Great Company
  136. How (Not) To Get a Sale
  137. Smoothies
  138. Bean Bags are not as comfy as you'd think!
  139. Bye-Bye Tacoma...
  140. Politics & Economy
  141. Motorcycle weather!
  142. Internet Sales Tax
  143. Lost our Westie today
  144. Cedar Porch Swing
  145. Washington Nationals Ball Game
  146. Virginia Sales Tax Increase
  147. Yes, you CAN go back....
  148. new CHEVY VOLT
  149. Smart Puppy
  150. For you folks in Texas....
  151. My dream motorcycle
  152. Angie's List
  153. Furlough sales
  154. A Non-Partisan view of the Federal Government Shutdown
  155. Tesla
  156. Sleep Apnea and CPAP therapy
  157. Tomatoes....
  158. Vacation to Italy
  159. Car seat leather
  160. Housework
  161. Community College graduation
  162. Cats Rule, Dogs Drool
  163. So I gave my son a challenge today...
  164. Window Cleaners in the Northern Virginia Area
  165. Home projects take 3x as long and cost twice as much as you planned
  166. SEO optimization for this forum?
  167. A new way to buy Contact Lenses (or at least new to me)
  168. So I bonked myself yesterday....
  169. Now THIS is my kind of party....
  170. This is impressive.
  171. Google, The Beginning
  172. Dead Man in the Driveway
  173. A Little Christmas Story...
  174. New Carpet from Home Depot
  175. Movie Recommendation of the Week
  176. Lumber Liquidators just got razed by 60 Minutes
  177. Casting Call: Dying Crafts
  178. Do a good deed today AND clean out your basement in the process
  179. Working on Cars
  180. Porsche guy goes to Marenello last week
  181. 09/11 Memorial for Flight 93 in Shanksville PA
  182. Guess it runs in the family....
  183. Reflections on Cancer
  184. My winter project
  185. Car Talk
  186. Car Talk
  187. Deck Stain Project
  188. Fashion Motorcycle
  189. California Wine Country Questions and Advice?
  190. Asheville, NC for a few days?
  191. Dog lovers - for every dollar you donate, The Keeping Room will match it
  192. How not to run your business
  193. Is that wet blue I'm seeing?
  194. Shrinking recliners, no longer an eyesore
  195. A small afternoon rescue
  196. A good 30-year anniversary gift for my folks
  197. Morning Commute
  198. Farm Aid Concert
  199. I'm not going to pay that delivery charge....
  200. In my driveway on Sunday morning.
  201. iPhone 7 photos
  202. Turkey and what else?
  203. Doing leaves in the yard
  204. How do you handle Snow Removal?
  205. Happy New Year!
  206. When the Leather Guy goes to buy shoes.....
  207. Vacation photos
  208. For those of you who enjoy motorcycles
  209. Need your help with a small donation
  210. 33 years ago....
  211. Go Paperless? Don't believe it for a minute
  212. Really, you can't make this stuff up.....
  213. The Big Downsize - its difficult
  214. Texas Flooding
  215. So you think a leather sofa is expensive?
  216. What kind of leather is this?
  217. Happy Holidays!
  218. Best Story you will read all day
  219. Estate Sale
  220. Carbon Monoxide Detectors for your Home
  221. Happy Fourth of July
  222. I need suggestions
  223. My good deed for the day
  224. Apple Watch Series 4 Review
  225. Wedding Day
  226. Checkbook wallet cover needed
  227. This is a Bad Dog
  228. Whack a Mower Deck.
  229. Apollo 11 50th Anniversary image on the Washington Monument
  230. Let's see photos from your Summer Vacation
  231. Dementia times two
  232. A better way to get your Tire Rack tires installed
  233. Electric Cars and Charging at Home
  234. What are your Coronavirus home projects?
  235. Give me an advice, please...
  236. The Hard Way
  237. Innovative Thinking!
  238. I left a $ 20 tip on a $ 13.20 lunch ticket
  239. Vote!!!
  240. Fix a Basement leak