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    Re: H & M Leather Classes

    There is no 4-point system in 2020. Quotes have a section here on the forum.
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    Re: Hancock and Moore Expedition Chair

    If you intend to use Taylor King fabric on Hancock and Moore, don't wait too long to place your order. The relationship of inter-company transfer is ending and you will no longer be able easily do...
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    Re: Sectional Recommendations

    The only maker I carry that has sleep sofas as sectional components is Century Cornerstone. Here's the catalog, it's quite large. Pricing depends on segments used and the cover. $ 7.500 for one...
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    Re: Different Classes of Leather

    Actually they do classify on the H&M website when you go to LEATHERS. You can check the box to only show one or the other.

    Protected = Finished
    UnProtected = Aniline

    Champion series leather...
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    Sticky: Re: Common Questions (a.k.a. FAQ's)

    I hear these two comments usually ten times a week, every week. Let's address them:

    I have a bad back, what to do you recommend for that?

    Speaking from my own experience, this is not going to...
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    Sticky: Re: Hancock & Moore Cushions

    Standard H&M core is 1.8 density (18oz) of Dupont Qualux HR Foam, best in the industry.

    Bradington Young uses a Spring Down core in most of their pieces, the HR Foam will have a surcharge. No...
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    Re: Hancock and Moore Town and Country

    All right here
  8. Re: Hancock & Moore 7162 Cabin Lounger in Boston Dune with custom Walnut frame

    Walnut costs about 3x more for the wood than maple at the sawmill, so I think they don't do it standard to keep the price down. It was only $ 250 additional to get the frames done in Walnut, so I...
  9. Hancock & Moore 7162 Cabin Lounger in Boston Dune with custom Walnut frame

    Hancock and Moore # 7162 Cabin Lounger in Boston Dune Leather with a custom genuine Walnut hand-rubbed frame. The recliner that doesn't look like one! It will sit surprisingly well and I sell quite a...
  10. Hancock and Moore 2038NB Austin High Back Tilt Chair in Capri Navy no nails

    A gorgeous leather on a top selling chair. This one is as good as seating luxury gets with the Grade 4 Capri leather from Germany. This did have an ottoman go with it however I did not photograph...
  11. Thread: Royal Pedic

    by drcollie

    Re: Royal Pedic

    Sorry, no Kings as they are too large to floor in my store, I only use Queen sizes for display units.
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    Re: How to get pale wood for the table?

    The right way to do this is go select your veneer flitches personally. It sounds like you are having something custom-made and if so, your cabinet maker can accompany you there and go through the...
  13. Jonathan Charles Chess Table # 493450-MFW

    If you like to play chess, this is a great small game table by Jonathan Charles, in the store at $ 922 (cash/check discounted) $ 949 credit card.

  14. Re: Hancock & Moore 5067 / 5592-NC Tavern Sofa in Markle Royal

    One more!

  15. Hancock & Moore 5067 / 5592-NC Tavern Sofa in Markle Royal

    I don't buy sofas in GR4 leather for display, they're too expensive. However Hancock and Moore offered a special on GR 4 Markle - their finest Italian hide - for floor stock to buy it at a grade 3...
  16. Century Whitman Chair and Ottoman in Leather

    Always one of my favorite chairs styles (I usually have the Hancock and Moore "Author" chair version on the floor) this was a High Point Market showroom item that they put a great price on, so I...
  17. Re: Furniture newbie experiencing analysis paralysis in Leather Couch purchase :(

    American made, PROPERLY made, you're low on your budget. You can get Chinese import sofas at that price point, however. Leathercraft is a premium maker (I still have two Leathercrafts in my own...
  18. Re: Price increase on the way for Hancock and Moore effective 01-15-20

    Today is the last day to get an order in on Hancock and Moore before price increases take effect tomorrow.

    However, the price increase comes with some good news, too. The Chinese tariffs are...
  19. Thread: Photo please!

    by drcollie

    Re: Photo please!

    Your question was missed as it was in a Photos only category which I don't check. I have moved it to this section.

    Very few customer order Tiburon Pine for a sofa, though I have sold it on...
  20. Sticky: Re: Hancock and Moore Your Way Series list of promotional leathers

    All tariffs on the Your Way Promotion are being removed Wed Jan 15th 2020 with no increase in pricing.
  21. Re: Big Tall Newbie Needs Quality Recliner Advice

    The H&M "tides" series is heavily wood-framed, you really aren't going to find that much wood in a motion product, the mechanisms won't allow for frames like that.
  22. Re: Big Tall Newbie Needs Quality Recliner Advice

    That's good to know that at 6' 7" it fits you. I didn't know you where that tall !
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    Re: New in furniture store H&M Epic sofa

    I think they are not a very smart store. That can be professionally repaired for under $ 150. They won't be in business long if they keep doing that!
  24. Re: Big Tall Newbie Needs Quality Recliner Advice

    I think there are only going to be three.


    Most the others I believe will be too small for you.
  25. Thread: Royal Pedic

    by drcollie

    Re: Royal Pedic

    All foam mattresses sag and deteriorate, and 8 years is the max life span of a foam unit which is what the vast majority of bedding is made of. It's closed cell foam in layers, similar to the kind...
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