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    Re: Frame Material - Plywood

    Interesting to see, thanks for posting these samples.
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    Re: Sale Flyer from The Keeping Room 1989

    Very cool, thanks for sharing
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    Re: Upcoming Trip to Hancock & Moore on 11/12

    Have fun on your trip!
  4. Re: INBOUND: Hancock and Moore Emilio Sofa and Sleek Office Chairs

    The good floor stock is really turning over huh? :)
  5. Re: H & M Westwood 2062 Back Cushions Uncomfortable/Too Full/Firm-Best Replacement?

    Sorry to hear it isn't comfortable, I am sure that is disappointing. :( Hopefully you can get a solution without waiting for months.
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    Re: Aneline plus versus finished

    Take a look at this thread stickied at the top.
  7. Re: Recommendations Needed: In need of 2 pieces of furniture.

    For the crib, we were happy with our Pottery Barn Kendall crib. That is probably what you meant about 'highly marketed', but it worked well for us and was plenty strong and a good price. It is...
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    Re: The state of shipping in August 2021 - COVID

    Road trip! It is crazy you have to do that, but also very nice of you to offer for your customer.
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    Re: Hancock and Moore Signature Collection

    If they are targeting the decorator and boutique market, their customers probably aren't usually going online to shop for furniture or check sites. They just go in and say fill out this room for me,...
  10. Re: Price increase coming Aug 2, 2021 from Hancock and Moore / Jessica Charles

    And Trex decks are pretty pricey to begin with too! I was pricing a new deck out earlier this year and just decided to do a brick patio instead, I was lucky my space was flexible enough I had a...
  11. Re: Price increase coming Aug 2, 2021 from Hancock and Moore / Jessica Charles

    If looking for something a bit cheaper, did you check out Bradington Young? Lots of similar designs as H&M and American made, but at a bit lower price. Not sure about the adjustable headrest...
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    Re: H&M Office Chairs

    I think it probably depends on the style of the chair. If the style has welts / seams where there is a lot of rubbing like on the front of the seat cushion and the back of your legs, I could see...
  13. Re: Is this used Hancock Moore sofa a worthwhile purchase?

    I am glad it worked out and the is cool that the original tag is still on it. :)
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    Re: H&M Office Chairs

    I have had two H&M office chairs (still have one that we actually just cleaned and conditioned earlier today) and I agree to go with a finished / protected leather for the office chairs. Plus if you...
  15. Re: Lumber Liquidators just got razed by 60 Minutes

    In case you didn't know Duane, that post above yours from jasonakendrick is spam. It just copy/pasted a paragraph from your first post and ran it through a synonymizer so it could look kind of legit...
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    Re: Questions on H&M Nifon Leather

    Take a look at the first part of this post about stains:

    On the "top grain" question,...
  17. Re: Statement piece sofa before H&M price increase!

    Yeah the tufted sofas are surprisingly comfortable, you just have to know they have low backs so there is no shoulder or neck support.
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    Re: Frette sheets -great price

    For being a European company, it seems weird that Frette does not sell sheet sets with split top sheets for European-style bedding, or at least single twin top sheets. From what I see you can buy...
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    Re: Another price increase coming.....

    From those pics of the new Your Way 2 it looks like the back doesn't even move, so you should be able to put it right up against a wall.
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    Re: H&M Recliner Comparison

    Those two are going to sit differently, both due to the different style back cushions, and the height on the arms is different. That said, from what I know the Rodeo is pretty comfortable for most...
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    Re: Thank you to all my customers

    I do think you should include "furniture" or "fine furniture" somewhere, so people driving down the road will know "The Keeping Room" is a furniture store. It could be as simple as that second...
  22. Re: Hancock & Moore Boho Chair in Remington Sapphire Burnished

  23. Re: Arrived today, and out today...going to Florida

    Lucky that you hadn't unboxed it yet!
  24. Re: Hancock & Moore replacement core policies have changed Jan 2021

    If I remember right when we did it, we put the cushion vertically on a dining chair seat and bent it to kind of fold it in half a bit and then pushed / pulled the cover down over the top. It is...
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    Re: Another Contest! Tell me how.......

    I know where it is from but not positive how you can tell. Perhaps the lack of wrinkles / pressed flat? My other guess was the shape of the hole but I don't think that is it.
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