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  1. Sticky: Re: Leather Furniture and what you can - and cannot expect

    Sorry, but you are using terms that don’t exist in the industry.

    Any time you finish a dyed base hide with a paint color coat on top of the hide it is classed as a semi-aniline and is much closer...
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    Measuring Sofa Depth

    There is often confusion on how to measure sofa (or chair depth). Here's the correct way to measure overall sofa depth. Drop a sight line from the furthest back point of the piece and mark that...
  3. Re: B-Y Married Leather program vs USA made brands

    All recliners - from any maker - are built around a mechanism. They are basically frames over mechs. The first question you want to ask is "Who is the maker of the recliner mechanism?" The two...
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    Re: Inflation and Production

    The best way to see what is happening in the industry and individual makers is to look at ready dates vs order dates. Here's some invoices that arrived this week These are production dates and...
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    Frame Material - Plywood

    The furniture industry has moved to CNC milled Plywood for a variety of reasons, including a lack of skilled woodworkers, a desire for higher levels of accuracy in cutting measurements, strength of...
  6. Re: B-Y Married Leather program vs USA made brands

    I would suggest you read through this entire thread, if you do them you will know more than 95% of all furniture store salespeople regarding leathers.
  7. Re: B-Y Married Leather program vs USA made brands

    That article from Wellington House is not worth the digital paper irs printed on. It’s full of inaccuracies and flat out wrong. I will not pick it apart point by point, however. Be careful whom you...
  8. Re: Do the better brands make reclining styles similar to Omnia? I like their look.

    I don't know Omnia enough to give you a definitive suggestion on it. No one at Hancock and Moore is really familiar with them, either (I called). There are hundreds of makers - I would suggest...
  9. Sticky: Re: Going to your local dealer then ordering long distance

    Stores will carry what their customers will buy. Here's a typical scenario I see three to four times a week in my store, which is 95% better brands and USA-made.

    customer: "Wow, this is really...
  10. Re: Do the better brands make reclining styles similar to Omnia? I like their look.

    The Omni Conner is a simple bustle back unit that you can replicate by configuring a Hancock and Moore Your Way series motion piece, or the 900 or 200 series from Bradington-Young. They are not...
  11. Re: We have contracted with a developer to have repairs made. A few more days.

    We have the forum back up and running in its current format, everything has been preserved. We are also contracting to upgrade the forum to the current software version, which should be installed...
  12. We have contracted with a developer to have repairs made. A few more days.

  13. Re: Revamped Fabric Section at The Keeping Room

    The new MARC fabrics are in, so our revamped fabric area is now fully completed. So much easier to shop now! We are carrying this new line of USA-made upholstery called MARC (fabrics are three...
  14. Re: New Hancock and Moore Representative for the VA / MD Region

    Yes, she is working on that now.
  15. Century Cornerstone Apt Size Sofa in Fabric

    This is one of the better sitting sofas I have come across (for what I happen to like). Comfortable and yet supportive. I don't like sofas that you can "sink" into as they tend to make your back...
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    Re: Pilaster Clips for Unknown Brand Cabinet

    Probably outside the scope of furniture, you would be better off asking in a garage forum, good luck.
  17. New Hancock and Moore Representative for the VA / MD Region

    We have a new Hancock and Moore / Jessica Charles Rep for our store, Bill Coyle Jr. Hi father was a Rep for Leathercraft and other lines, I knew him for years when I carried those products.
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    More price increases on Monday 11/15/21

    Taylor King and Fjord's both have new pricing going into effect, last day to order is tomorrow, Saturday the 13th at existing levels.

    Century has one coming soon, and I'm sure if they do it will...
  19. Inbound, shipped from Hancock and Moore today

    Ordered March 6, 2021 and just now on the way. Two of the most popular pieces, both for stock. In transit to the store, should arrive in about 2 weeks time.

    # 4691 / # 4690 Author Chair and...
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    Re: Sale Flyer from The Keeping Room 1989

    Thank you! It was 70 hours a week back then, and me driving the truck to New England every other week to get those pieces you saw in the flyer, because those shops making them didn't box and ship. ...
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    Sale Flyer from The Keeping Room 1989

    32 years ago, this was our sale flyer, I printed this all by hand using a fine point Sharpie and photos cut out of catalogs, then took it to the printer. There was no money to hire a professional...
  22. H&M 1044 Sadler and B-Y 4114 Chippendale Recliners

    Just arrived today, floor models of the Hancock and Moore 1044 Sadler Recliner (one of my all time favorites) in Document Tobacco on the left, and the Bradington Young 4114 Chippendale Recliner in...
  23. Revamped Fabric Section at The Keeping Room

    I spent the past three days re-doing our fabric sample section, and am really happy with how it all turned out. I know, you can't get very excited over this - BUT - it will be so much better to...
  24. Sticky: Re: Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Protocol for all brands

    This from a client who purchased this chair from our store 11 1/2 years ago, and she wants to repair it. Unfortunately, there is no repair available, the options are to 1) Replace the chair 2) have...
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    Sticky: Hancock & Moore Wood Finish Options 2021

    More finishes have been added to the PREMIUM finish category that coincided with the last price increase. Here' is the current lineup as of Fall 2021

    Premium finishes are complex finishes and...
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