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  1. Re: Is this a good deal for this BY leather chair & ottoman?

    Just from the cushion shape I am guessing it is a structured core. You can buy a replacement or sure you could try to stuff some fill in there but the core would be better (albeit more expensive).
  2. Re: Is this a good deal for this BY leather chair & ottoman?

    It looks fine but the picture is pretty blurry so you can't see much detail. The back cushion might need a new core depending on your preferences. $350 is an ok price with the ottoman, you can...
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    Re: Bradington Young Sofa

    Offer $400 and a quick pickup and enjoy it for however long? How long it will last really depends on how you use it and take care of it (clean/condition/protect), could be 2 years, could be 15...
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    Re: What's a fair price? Cross Moore Recliner

    I have seen used H&M recliners goes for $300-600. I think $1,000 is overpriced considering the age and condition.
  5. Re: Hancock & Moore new leathers from the October 2019 Market

    Can you imagine a sofa in that shaggy fur? Would be amazing and scary. :)
  6. Re: How can I remove this white haze on my leather chair?

    Yeah as soon as I saw the picture I thought it looked like sun fade, not a haze from a conditioner or something. Weird spot, I am guessing something was blocking most of the chair from a window?
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    Re: Living Room Furniture Advice

    Some quick thoughts

    Nice house! I like the colors and layout.

    I agree about moving the TV, it is way too high to be comfortable. If you decide to put it on the stair wall, one solution for...
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    Re: cottage style kitchen

    Usually most good kitchen cabinets are assembled by a cabinet maker custom to your measurements and layout. I remember when I lived in northern NJ I would drive by a couple of cabinetmaker shops...
  9. Re: New Hancock and Moore items up on the website from the October 2019 High Point Ma

    It does! It seems like it is a slightly smaller September with narrower arms. 6" narrower, a couple of inches shallower and shorter.
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    Re: Royal Pedic Review

    If you do go the RP route, I recommend getting the regular firm mattress and then they sell toppers separately in different thicknesses. It is easier to handle that way, easier to turn, and you can...
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    Re: Advice needed on layout/furniture/leather

    Looks nice and quite comfortable!
  12. Re: New to me sectional. Help with identifying?

    That looks like great condition, congrats on the find.
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    Re: Glider for baby feeding

    We did go the Pottery Barn Kids route for ours. We knew it wasn't great quality, but we expected to only need one for less than 5 years anyway. Ours looks like this:
  14. Re: Hancock & Moore # 9005 Jockey Club Chair in Cameo Stone Burnished

    That just looks like a doctor's office waiting room chair to me. ;)
  15. Re: What's the difference between these 2 H&M chairs?

    The main difference is the Wellesley chair is much wider. You can see from the dimensions on H&Ms website it is over 7" wider than the Bradley. Also the Wellesley has a single piece side with nails...
  16. Re: Hancock & Moore # 9005 Jockey Club Chair in Cameo Stone Burnished

    Those are some big iguanas!
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    Re: Cleaning hand knotted rugs

    I wondered about that, I thought you just had some really big mulch landscaping. :D
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    Re: City sectional sofa for sale

    That post was from over a year ago, so I doubt it!
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    Re: Finely Brown leather

    You can tell by the tag under the seat they are older. Hancock and Moore moved away from that golden embossed type tag at least 10 years ago, it is a good clue when looking at the secondhand market....
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    Re: American Classics Leather

    Assuming this isn't just spam... I've never heard of them and the website seems kind of vague. Like clicking on warranty just takes you to a page talking about an optional extra warranty from a...
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    Re: Dementia times two

    Sorry to hear it Duane, having been in that situation with grandparents I know it hard to deal with and do what is right. I think if I get 90 years I'll be pretty happy, and there have been good...
  22. Re: First Real Furniture Purchase!!! Need some help though...

    We have a Stickley dining table and while our daughter is young we just put a table pad on it to protect it from her. The ones from here are great:
  23. Re: First Real Furniture Purchase!!! Need some help though...

    If I were you I would buy expensive case goods like book shelves, tables, etc (i.e. Stickley) that are timeless style and will last 50+ years, and then save some money on the upholstery. One because...
  24. Re: Hancock and Moore #6246-3 Ava Sofa in Tiburon Stone

    Yeah I would not use screws either. They do make adhesive ones, even ones with little cups, if you want to be able to move it. If you want it to stay stationary I use ones like these:
  25. Re: Hancock and Moore #6246-3 Ava Sofa in Tiburon Stone

    Those looks nice and fit in well with your room. Are you worried about scratches on the floors? One problem I've had with mine sitting on wood like that is they move when people press the back of...
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