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    Sticky: Re: Hancock & Moore Cushions

    Dealers get floor models with free ultra down cushions if they want. I don’t put them in all my floor models personally since I like to offer options and not every piece sits better with ultra...
  2. Thread: Dresser age?

    by drcollie

    Re: Dresser age?

    It's a modern production piece (20th century) with drawer guides, plywood bottom, drawer glue blocks an nail-up glides and has jig-cut dovetails in a French Provincial style. It has no particular...
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    Sticky: Re: Hancock & Moore Cushions

    There's not really a Down/Blend cushion core from Hancock and Moore, go to the first page on this thread and look at the first post, and then about the fourth post to see what they offer. 90% of...
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    Sticky: Re: Hancock & Moore Cushions

    What is your question?
  5. Re: Family/Living room furniture advice needed

    Take a read on this As it will explain leathers / costs / scratches, etc.
  6. Re: Family/Living room furniture advice needed

    You pretty much have a blank canvas that can be configured a number of ways with that room, and it can take a variety of configurations. You might want to hire a pro decorator to help you lay it out...
  7. Sticky: Re: Hancock and Moore Your Way Series list of promotional leathers

    This can be confusing, but they are distinct and separate.

    The general Price Class or Price Grade is when using on any piece of Hancock and Moore off the main handles and these go 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5....
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    Happy Thanksgiving to All

    I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving! We did at my house. And of course, its the fun stuff you remember most fondly.

    Jennifer, my wife. always tries to present herself as more "Hip" than she...
  9. Hancock & Moore photos now up from the October High Point Showroom

    Some very handsome pieces in here, and you can tab through them and see some of the bold accents they use, which I happen to like a lot. Many of these are new pieces, though they are not labeled, you...
  10. Re: Hancock & Moore # 5783-RIB Adirondack Chair

    Sorry, we don't generally quote prices here for H&M on the forum, that's at Hancock and Moore's request. You can ask for a quote in the section listed here on the forum, or send an email to...
  11. Re: Awful sectional - help me pick something else

    Yes, if you want to go fabric, its pretty hard to beat Taylor King's pricing if you stay within their Portfolio groupings of fabrics. I've cross shopped their program across several other lines and...
  12. Re: Hancock & Moore Steele Farm barstool 153-30 Cameo Stone Burnished

    Gimp is standard on this piece, and as long as the contrasting color you select is the same grade of leather as the main body, or lower, than no extra charge from H&M to make it contrasting.
  13. Re: Awful sectional - help me pick something else

    Hancock and Moore is the only company I know of that will send you new seat and/or back cores are no charge as long as you own the piece. If you are using the piece to the point of sacking cores,...
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    Re: High weight capacity reclining sectional

    280lb is not really high capacity, better motion is rated at 350 lb, and stationary can be built to even higher limits. If you are getting failure on a sofa that’s just three years old then you...
  15. Hancock & Moore Steele Farm barstool 153-30 Cameo Stone Burnished

    Hancock & Moore Steele Farm 153-30 Cameo Stone Burnished, Gimps in Illusion Stone, Ebony Wood, Black Nickel Nail trim. 30" Seat Height (available in 24"). Always the best selling barstool in my...
  16. Hancock & Moore # 9840 City Sofa in Cameo Caramel Burnished with nails added

    Always a top selling sofa, it good to see a customer order this # 9840 City Sofa in a Cameo Caramel burnished, a premium Italian leather (most are done in promotional hides) and "A" nail trim was...
  17. Taylor King @ 1019-03N Gennia Nickel Sofa in I-Rollo Zinc

    # 1019-03N Genna Nickel Sofa in Cover I-Rollo Zinc, contrast pillows in Rafael Crystal. Spring down seats, posh down backs

    I don't sell a lot of this style as I generally don't display...
  18. Re: Quality Power Recliner Loveseat for $5,000 Budget

    The articulating headrest narrows the choices considerably. Among the line I happen to carry are the Chinese Hooker unit, which I am not really overly fond of to be quite honest. It has all the...
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    Re: Mattress for arthritis

    Ahh...the spammers are getting more and more clever I see. Well, links deleted. Ban bin next time.
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    Taylor King Price Increase Dec 1 2019

    New price books arrived from Taylor King today.* Prices increasing Dec 1, 2019. Last day to order at current price is Saturday Nov 30th
  21. Sticky: Re: Fabric Conversion Chart: Hancock & Moore / Taylor King / Jessica Charles / Counci

    Effective this month, you can no longer interchange Taylor King fabrics with the Rock House Brand items, they are going to keep that all in-house now. So Hancock and Moore / Century / Highland House...
  22. Sticky: Re: Hancock and Moore Your Way Series list of promotional leathers

    Making this a sticky and wish this Chinese trade tariff would go away, it causes a lot of confusion for all involved.
  23. Re: Hancock & Moore Overstock Cover Specials on Just in Time / Town and Country items

    There really is no red in the chalr that I can see, its a dark, dark brown with the barest hint of dark burgundy. I can't believe I still have two left in the store as of today, probably because I...
  24. Sticky: Re: Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Protocol for all brands

    Probably, edited their links off - they do it again they get a trip to the Ban Bin.
  25. Re: Review of Hancock and Moore Austin Recliners

    This thread is now closed.
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