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    Re: Dementia times two

    Sorry to hear it Duane, having been in that situation with grandparents I know it hard to deal with and do what is right. I think if I get 90 years I'll be pretty happy, and there have been good...
  2. Re: First Real Furniture Purchase!!! Need some help though...

    We have a Stickley dining table and while our daughter is young we just put a table pad on it to protect it from her. The ones from here are great:
  3. Re: First Real Furniture Purchase!!! Need some help though...

    If I were you I would buy expensive case goods like book shelves, tables, etc (i.e. Stickley) that are timeless style and will last 50+ years, and then save some money on the upholstery. One because...
  4. Re: Hancock and Moore #6246-3 Ava Sofa in Tiburon Stone

    Yeah I would not use screws either. They do make adhesive ones, even ones with little cups, if you want to be able to move it. If you want it to stay stationary I use ones like these:
  5. Re: Hancock and Moore #6246-3 Ava Sofa in Tiburon Stone

    Those looks nice and fit in well with your room. Are you worried about scratches on the floors? One problem I've had with mine sitting on wood like that is they move when people press the back of...
  6. Thread: Escape Chair

    by Danw99

    Re: Escape Chair

    I would think the wrap-around tall back might make those too bulky visually and create a bit of a wall in the room. I don't know how you plan to arrange them though, you know best what you are...
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    Re: IKEA Stockholm Vinyl Wrap & Restoration

    I don't have any experience with furniture wraps but I don't see why it wouldn't work as long as the putty is dry.
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    Re: Anyone know this Manufacturer?

    That logo looks like the CC41 logo from UK utility furniture.
  9. Re: Hancock & Moore Overstock Cover Specials on Just in Time / Town and Country items

    It is here:

    You can post a new thread there with the detail of what you want a quote for.
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    Re: Removing Wooden Dowel from a Cat Tree

    Pull it out with a pair of pliers usually works for me.
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    Re: Lane Brutalist Drawer Slides

    If you have no luck with them, look for 'heavy duty' drawer slides and look for some that look similar. I have seen slides that claim up to 500 pounds so you should be able to find compatible ones. ...
  12. Re: Apollo 11 50th Anniversary image on the Washington Monument

    For a minute there I thought you said you had the beer in the pub when you were 14. I thought to myself 'just different times back then'. :)
  13. Re: Newbie - Bradington Young CL deal opinion and H&M recommendations

    I was thinking $1,500 for the Craigslist set, but every local market is different. Just make sure you look at it in full light, preferably a sunny room, since leather is pretty good at hiding marks...
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    Sticky: Re: A trip to Hancock & Moore's Factories

    This was great, thank you Duane. I have always been curious, do you know about how many pieces leave the factory a day?
  15. Re: Best way to treat this 1950s Franklin Shockey mid century pine dresser

    My wife uses Liquid Gold after trying a bunch of different things over the years for cleaning good wood furniture. She uses Briwax for polishing.
  16. Re: How much Hancock & Moore does YOUR dealer show?

    I remember the dealer I went to in Columbus had probably 10 pieces; 5 chairs and 5 sofas. There is a good dealer in Cleveland called Sedlaks that I went to a few times when we lived there and they...
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    Re: Guess what came today??? My H&M Furniture :-)

    That looks great and I like the color pop that the rug brings compared to the leather. Please post back on what you end up with for tables, I am also looking for a couple of small rectangle tables...
  18. Re: Hancock & Moore # 5842-1 Expedition Chair in Boston Tobacco / Crosshatch Toffee

    Is the cross hatch like an embossed pattern where the leather is 'dented' for lack of a better term? Or is like a strip of leather is cut out leading to different finish depths?
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    Re: Stain on Century Dining Room Table

    Yeah Pledge is evil and terrible, throw it away! :) We use Liquid Gold for cleaning and Briwax for waxing and it works well for us.
  20. Re: Hancock & Moore # 6277-3 Monaco Sofa / # 7160 Monaco Recliner in Markle Doe

    That nail half circle accent in the back is a nice touch!
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    Re: The beautiful Campbell

    I agree, tufted backs are not hard. They are different though, if you want to feel like you are sitting in a pillow, like on a regular couch or a bit softer, then the bustle back will give you that....
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    Re: Delivered the wrong leather

    Ask the store you will be ordering from to contact H&M and confirm.
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    Re: Recliner sofa questions

    Power will be more reliable than manual as there is less jerking motion and pressure. There are some other posts here that talk about it if you want to search.

    On Hooker for me personally if the...
  24. Re: Leather recommendations for Tavern sofa 5067

    It is a black aniline, I think Avalon Espresso (or similar, I don't remember for sure and the names change over the years). No nails, just welts on ours.
  25. Re: Leather recommendations for Tavern sofa 5067

    For what it's worth I have had a H&M tufted sofa with a tufted seat (Chesterfield) for probably about 8 years and I don't think it feels much different than when I got it. It is our side couch so it...
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