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    Re: help identifying a maker

    My first thought was a game table and that is where you could keep pieces and things. But then it is kind of small and if you pulled up chairs you'd just smack your knees on those cubbies. A weird...
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    Re: What are your Coronavirus home projects?

    Nice job! It is always funny to look back and wonder how anyone thought that style looked good at the time. How were the walls behind the mirrors? Depending on how those big glass sheets are...
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    Re: Zero Gravity Chairs

    The chair you linked and the ones like it are $1,000+. How would you expect to find one under $100?
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    Re: Is this real leather? Worth $1200 CDN?

    Will they not tell you the maker? From the way the leather is sewn on the seats with those small patches on the cushions sewn together could indicate it is a cheaper brand because smaller pieces of...
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    Re: Debris in the seams

    I don't really understand. Is the 'debris' just random lint and dust and crumbs or whatever that collects in the buttons and you can vacuum it out? If so that is just a natural occurrence with...
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    Re: Sofa cushions sinking

    After only a month? See if you can get your money back.

    If that is not possible; don't plop down into the seat, lower yourself with your arms/legs. Rotate the cushion with the other seat...
  7. Sticky: Re: Can I flip and rotate my leather seat cushions?

    I always wondered why leather cushions were not finished on the bottom, I just assumed it was due to cost savings. It never occurred to me it is for air to escape!
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    Re: Are these Lane tables a "Bust" or "Must" ?

    No one else can decide your taste for you, if you like them then buy them. The price is not unreasonable.
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    Re: Bradington Young Danica Sofa

    Looks in good shape. I don't know your local market, say $500-900.
  10. Re: How to find equivalents (different brand/cost, same product)?

    The higher end piece will be nicer looking and more comfortable, what that is worth is subjective and up to you. The environmental costs of producing throw-away furniture are high, with the state of...
  11. Re: Hancock & Moore 7162 Cabin Lounger in Boston Dune with custom Walnut frame

    The walnut looks pretty nice, good color combo and seems like it should come that way. :)
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    Re: New in furniture store H&M Epic sofa

    Seems like a good price to me. Those look like surface marks you could just touch up if you wanted.
  13. Re: Long shot - looking for info on this furniture is your best bet.
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    Re: Identify my Pottery Barn Furniture

    Pottery Barn does make slipcovers they sell pre-made for some styles (we have a PB Kids nursery chair that came with a slipcover). Do none of the tags under the cushions have a style name or number?
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    Re: Marketplace find. Hancock and Moore sofa

    I believe that is the Carmen sofa, you can check H&M's site to be sure. I can't speak to the leather although it does not look like one of the basic grade protected ones. $10k may have been MSRP...
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    Re: Hooker private label bar stools

    'Vegan leather'? What is that?

    If you are just looking for a stopgap, I would go for something cheaper and put the extra cash toward your savings for what you really want rather than spending...
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    Re: Durable Sectional in Fabric

    Leather is more durable no doubt, but in my experience if you get a decent fabric you can get 10 years out of it. We have an H&M fabric couch that is our daily primary sofa with a lot of use. We...
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    Re: Electric Cars and Charging at Home

    Congrats on the new car Duane, the Audi's are nice. I thought you were a BMW guy though! :) Typical electrician charge to run 220 for electric car charging is around $1,000 from what I have seen. ...
  19. Re: Is this a good deal for this BY leather chair & ottoman?

    Just from the cushion shape I am guessing it is a structured core. You can buy a replacement or sure you could try to stuff some fill in there but the core would be better (albeit more expensive).
  20. Re: Is this a good deal for this BY leather chair & ottoman?

    It looks fine but the picture is pretty blurry so you can't see much detail. The back cushion might need a new core depending on your preferences. $350 is an ok price with the ottoman, you can...
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    Re: Bradington Young Sofa

    Offer $400 and a quick pickup and enjoy it for however long? How long it will last really depends on how you use it and take care of it (clean/condition/protect), could be 2 years, could be 15...
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    Re: What's a fair price? Cross Moore Recliner

    I have seen used H&M recliners goes for $300-600. I think $1,000 is overpriced considering the age and condition.
  23. Re: Hancock & Moore new leathers from the October 2019 Market

    Can you imagine a sofa in that shaggy fur? Would be amazing and scary. :)
  24. Re: How can I remove this white haze on my leather chair?

    Yeah as soon as I saw the picture I thought it looked like sun fade, not a haze from a conditioner or something. Weird spot, I am guessing something was blocking most of the chair from a window?
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    Re: Living Room Furniture Advice

    Some quick thoughts

    Nice house! I like the colors and layout.

    I agree about moving the TV, it is way too high to be comfortable. If you decide to put it on the stair wall, one solution for...
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