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    Re: Wedding Day

    If the wedding was in this area, I'm glad the weather cooperated--go away Old Man Winter! May your daughter and her new husband be very happy!
  2. Re: I need to identify the cubby style bookcase

    Hello. Could this be it (see link)? According to Century, it's considered to be a customizable bookcase. The link shows a piece (4 cubbies) that is very similar to your photo, but in a different...
  3. Re: Hancock & Moore # 5967 Tavern Sofa in Capri Navy

    Hello. Based on the sentence, "This one is going to a home on Capitol Hill tomorrow morning, and I think ...," it sounds like a residence.

    Hope the doorways are wide enough, Duane! That's a...
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    Re: Help identifying hutch!

    Hello. Trying to help. Google the phrase -- french country breakfronts

    The images I see have some of the features of your photo posted above. Good luck.
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    Re: High Point Fall Market 2018

    Thank you for fixing the attachments! Lovely pieces.
  6. Re: How do you like this live-edge bar height table?

    Eeeek! I don't like it and would not pay $4,199 for the table. I would like the table more if the top was round with a completely different and complementary base. As is, a bit too industrial for...
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    Re: Rayon/Viscose Upholstery Help

    Hello. After reading your statement, "I want something that will be easy to clean, not easily stain, and wear well for a family of 5," like Duane, I immediately thought of Sunbrella and Crypton...
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    Re: Alberta Harness

    Good morning. Have you already looked thru these on the Hancock & Moore site? Some of the leathers look like they have a reddish hue to them. Good luck.

    See Link: ...
  9. Re: Photos of Sofas and/or Chairs with both leather & fabric on the same piece

    Hello. I found a few by typing this phrase in Google: hancock+moore+fabric images

    There aren't a lot, but there are some. You'll have to scroll through the photos as they are mixed in together....
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    Re: Wicker chairs with inlay.

    Hello! Those are really interesting chairs. I found this on the Internet:

    It looks a little...
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    Re: Side tables/Chests

    (1) When I Google this phrase: images of end tables with drawers
    (2) Google returns info.
    (3) I then click on the phrase that Google returned. It says: Images for end tables with...
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    Re: The Art of Hancock and Moore upholstery

    Hello. If you go to the Hancock and Moore website, use the Search Box and put in the word Monaco, the chair will pop up. Hope this helps.
  13. Re: Is it possible to search the Hancock and Moore website by dimensions?

    That's okay. Thanks for responding. The Boyles Furniture site seems to let you search Hancock and Moore sofas such that the sofas display first and then the sectionals and chairs. I can get the...
  14. Is it possible to search the Hancock and Moore website by dimensions?

    Hello. I have enjoyed reading this forum and appreciate the wealth of information that has been presented.

    My question deals with searching the Hancock and Moore website using product dimensions...
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