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  1. Re: The Best Sleeper Sofa you can Buy - Taylor King

    I'm sorry that it will not fit. The Connor sofa in your showroom was exceptionally comfortable! Unfortunately, I did not have a hand in design on this house and the optional double doors to that...
  2. Re: The Best Sleeper Sofa you can Buy - Taylor King

    Duane, Will the Connor King sofa fit through a 31.5 inch bedroom door? It will need to be on end to get through the passageway and into the room. The delivery men will have to set it on end and...
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    Re: Back in the Store

    A lot of people are doing the snowbird route to Florida in the late fall, winter and early spring. Then they return to their home in late Spring and summer. Florida is a lot more reasonable than...
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    Re: Prefab vanities - any recommendations? makes a decent mid-grade vanity $700 for base in a small bathroom Northeastern supply showroom
  5. Re: Something Unique that I have never seen Before.... Does anyone have an idea?

    I'm no expert, but it looks quite old. I'd guess that it is English and medieval or older. It may have come from an old castle.
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