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  1. Re: Bradington Young # 204-35 Raiden Recliner in Fabrics 406400-48

    My mom would love this shade of blue. Her 4 year old chase lounge sofa is probably due to be replaced before too long. I’ll have to keep this in mind when the time comes.
  2. Re: Shofer's Furniture in Baltimore has closed their doors

    Shofer's has a very large showroom, I think 3 stories, that would cause a high overhead, especially in/near Baltimore's Inner Harbor. My rent was high when I rented an apartment at The Standard in...
  3. Re: Most Comfortable-H&M Austin High Back/Tilt Back 2038 or Westwood Tilt Back 2062?

    I sat in a Westwood Tiltback with ottoman at Duane's store last month. I found it to be very comfortable so I ordered the 7150 Westwood Recliner. I don't remember if an Austin High Back was on...
  4. Thread: Vote!!!

    by Casey

    Re: Vote!!!

    I voted early since I am an Election Officer at the Belle Haven precinct. I am glad voter turnout is much higher than normal.
  5. Re: Hancock and Moore # 1442 Somerset Sofa in Buckingham Walnut Burnished

    I made a joke with one of my neighbors saying I should have hired a crane to raise the sofa up to my balcony (15th floor) to get it to my living room.
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    Re: American brand recliners for couples

    The 5 sofas in the banner are just samples of products available at Keeping Room. "Our Product Lines" link goes to a page with manufacturers that are hyperlinked to their site; it seems a common...
  7. Bradington Young Taraval Stationary Chair 400-25

    Yesterday didn't go as planned, but I was able to pick up this fabulous chair and ottoman after looking at and sitting on it during the 4 times I went to the store. The discounted price was too much...
  8. Re: Need some guidance on my sofa order with a local dealer

    The manufacturer may be experiencing a lot of orders like Duane has mentioned in regards to Hancock & Moore. The store should have inspected the sofa for quality and damage before delivering it to...
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    Re: Please help with sofa and leather choices

    Congratulations on your new home. I like the open floor plan. In my opinion, I think any of the sofas you listed would look great in your home. You'll need to decide on styles - single solid back or...
  10. Re: H&M Utah Sofa in Weston Cane Burnished, Customized

    The closest model I remember seeing on H&M's product list is the Utopia sofa, but it doesn't have the inner feet.
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    Re: Semi-aniline for a recliner

    Here's a 2014 thread that includes a list of leathers Duane knows, at least at the time, that originate in China.!
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    Re: Semi-aniline for a recliner

    There probably isn't, but I have hesitation on some made in China products that involve paint/dye, nonstick, etc. I remember the lead paint in Chinese imported toys in the 80s and 90s. Even a couple...
  13. Re: Help : Hancock and Moore Tufted Balfour Chair

    I think condition of the chairs is more important than the age and these chairs look like they were barely used. Paying $600 for both is a steal of a price.
  14. Re: Help : Hancock and Moore Tufted Balfour Chair

    9516T Balfour Tufted Chair is still listed on H&M's website.
  15. Re: Your input on floor models from Hancock and Moore

    I am contemplating a 7100 Rodeo Recliner in Cameo Merlot. I am going to stop by your store this week.
  16. Re: Fall 2020 High Point Showroom Video - Hancock & Moore/Jessica Charles

    Very nicely produced video. I've been asked a few times to video an event, but I stick to still photos. Some of the chairs and the peacocks caught my eye, but I should replace my Thomasville chair...
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    Re: That confrontational shopper

    I'm surprised another dealer would believe a customer's claim of a competitor selling an item below cost. I bet $3000 is well below cost for such a large sofa in a class 2 leather.
  18. Re: A trip to Green Front furniture in Manassas VA today

    I went to the Green Font early in my search for a sofa. They do have a very large gallery; I like having options but sometimes too many choices makes the decision more difficult. I was assigned a...
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