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    Re: Reflections on Cancer

    Sorry to hear it, Duane. :(
  2. Re: Covering scratches in leather, AKA: Cats and leather

    That was awesome of you Duane, great deal!

    Sue, my cats did similar on my leather sofa. It isn't a painted leather so they don't 'pop' like uncolored lines but you can definitely see them. ...
  3. Sticky: Re: Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Protocol for all brands

    Anyone have any advice for cleaning around the nail heads? I have some on one chair in the front (vertical) that are getting kind of grungy and even a little green on the edges like you might get...
  4. Re: Hancock & Moore # 2038NB Austin Tilt Back Chair in Cameo Stone Burnished

    That coloring with the burnishing makes it look nicely already broken in. :)
  5. Re: Hancock & Moore # 6258-1 Lucas Chair in Angelo Ebony

    Looks great with that rug.
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    Re: It's a Very Bush Time....

    Glad to hear business picked back up! Delayed demand instead of lost demand. :)
  7. Re: Would you buy one of these? Considering this line, need your feedback.

    Not for me probably, but that is more a matter of personal style preference than anything against this brand.
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    Re: Help with old nursery/sewing rocker

    If you are planning to strip it anyway, scrape away a little of the purple on the bottom of a rail or rockers and see if there is an original color under it? Probably white or wood stained.
  9. Re: Stains on Hancock and Moore Class 4 Leather

    Those little stains on the seat cushions are probably just from someone having something on their pants / dress would be my guess.
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    Re: Delays at getting mailed sample swatches

    Also don't forget to contact the post office and complain. Enough pressure and they might improve.
  11. Re: Hancock and Moore Ricki sofa / recliner leather issues

    Yeah I would guess the cleaning company is wiping it down with something. Whoever is using the recliner the most does their bare skin sit on the footrest a lot?
  12. Re: Does anyone know what could be causing this on my leather???

    Keep us posted on the outcome! Based on the positioning, my first thought was something in your back pockets causing it. Any ideas?
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    Leather Brand Rankings

    I came across this page I hadn't seen before that shows rankings for common leather furniture manufacturers. This is just one site and who knows what conflicts of interests there might be but I...
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    Re: You gotta love delivery companies....

    A king mattress from the parking lot by yourself? Ugh! It sounds like you didn't have a dolly around to sit it on either.

    My wife and I have different firmness preferences so for our king bed a...
  15. Re: Hancock & Moore # 9876-55 Kent Sofa in Tiburon Spa

    That is beautiful. And yes they are much more comfortable than you would expect!

    Four story walk-up? Ooof....
  16. Re: Hancock & Moore # 9876-55 Kent Sofa in Tiburon Spa

    That is beautiful. And yes they are much more comfortable than you would expect!
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    Sticky: Re: Bradington Young current leather manifest

    Back cushions sewn on?? Is that so they can save on leather cost by creating bare spots and hiding them?
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    Re: Executive Desk Chair?

    One piece of advice is make sure whatever model you are interested in has arms that fit above or below your desk or are far enough back vs the depth of the seat. I had an H&M desk chair that was...
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    Re: Afternoon Furniture Painting Project

    Nice finish Duane. I just finished putting the first coat of stain on my back porch / mini-deck today and I used a brush. It took WAY LONGER than I expected and I am hoping it looks ok enough after...
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    Re: birds eye maple questions

    We have used Briwax for a long time on our wood furniture. You can find it online or in certain hardware / antique places.
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    Re: Living Room Layout Help

    Using cardboard boxes cut into the floor measurements of your furniture and laid out in the room is a good cheap and easy way to get a feel for what it will be like.
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    Re: New Design - weigh in - do you like it?

    It does look like car dealer lounge furniture. :)
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    Re: How to decide bookcase height

    Do you have any windows in the room? You might consider how high the tops of the windows are and where you want to put the bookcases. If they are next to the windows and much shorter or taller it...
  24. Re: Bradington Young # 4114 Chippendale Recliner in Leather 980008-48

    Depends where it is going. ;)
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    Re: Suggestions sought

    If you do a search for 'reclining' here, you'll find some recent threads talking about them. I am not sure about the length restriction, you should be able to find the measurements on the...
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