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  1. Re: A few questions, considering buying from you

    If you are in the area and able to visit Duane's store, he has a sofa with all the different cushions H&M offers so you can move them around and try out all the different combinations (seat/backs,...
  2. Re: Hancock & Moore # NC342-1 Swindon Chair in Nile Croc Burnished / Gaucho Mocha Bur

    What is the price on the chair?
  3. Thread: How Did I Do?

    by colby

    Re: How Did I Do?

    Model # 1278 is the Parisian. My guess is that the original price given is from 2018 pricing which shows $9630 (you said $9360) MSRP for Class I Leather. Should have been originally listed in the...
  4. Thread: Wedding Day

    by colby

    Re: Wedding Day

    A beautiful bride indeed. Congratulations to the newlyweds and the proud parents on this special day.
  5. Re: Absolutely the Best Place to Buy a Leather Sofa

    Today was delivery day and we are ecstatic in how they turned out. When Duane called to say they were in we couldn't wait to get them delivered. He does local deliveries on Saturdays but since it was...
  6. Re: Hancock & Moore # 9840 City Sofa in Hyde Park Brownie Burnished

    They look much better in my house than in your parking lot :D . Three reasons these came out so beautiful 1. A customer with a vision (not me, my wife) 2. A dealer who knows his product and gave...
  7. Re: Inbound and shipped - three Hancock and Moore chairs from the High Point Showroom

    How close is that Buckingham Walnut Burnished to matching my Hyde Park Brownie Burnished?
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    Re: Will this couch fit down my basement stairs?

    Some people just don't get it. I have been delivering antique furniture from area shops and shows for almost 40 years. We once had a delivery of an armoire that literally had a safe built into it....
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    Sticky: Re: Common Questions (a.k.a. FAQ's)

    I too recently went thru the process of purchasing new sofas (see my post "Absolutely the Best Place to Buy a Leather Sofa" in this forum). One place I visited had a sofa I liked and offered me a...
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    Re: My good deed for the day

    Class act Duane.
  11. Absolutely the Best Place to Buy a Leather Sofa

    Having just ordered 2 City sofas from Duane, I couldn’t decide whether to post about my experiences now or when the sofas arrive. I decided I could not wait because, like me, people need to be...
  12. Sticky: Re: Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Protocol for all brands

    Duane, as I mentioned today in the store, the web address for Leather Solutions International ( is no longer is valid. After some research this evening I have found their new web...
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