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  1. Re: Schnadig look was SO comfortable

    Duane will I am sure comment further, but there is no limit to color choices in different sofa's by H&M. Any sofa is available in any leather or fabric or color as any other. Some might only be...
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    Re: Look what’s in the Oval Office

    This shows the chair pretty well at about 00:47. Wish they would take down the darned banner. But the chair doesn't look new based on the puddling in the seat. I wonder if it is a chair from the...
  3. Re: Disaster at DSL/Jot Furniture Manufacturing Inc. in Toronto

    Assuming you did not use a major credit card to pay for it. IF you did, contact them and file a claim with them to reverse the charges.
  4. Re: Disaster at DSL/Jot Furniture Manufacturing Inc. in Toronto

    Honestly, if there was a simple enough solution for a DIY, I think they would have repaired it for you. If the manufacturer says they would have to remake the whole bed, then it sounds like a DIY...
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    Re: New iPhone 12 Max Pro

    Wow, that chair really shows up the color differences. I assume the Pro Max is the more accurate to what you are looking at in person. Honestly, I like the chair much better in the Pro Mac photo than...
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    Re: New iPhone 12 Max Pro

    Thanks, but I am really kind of set on getting something really up to date. I am one of those people that likes to buy really good quality and then get as much use of it as possible for as long as...
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    Re: New iPhone 12 Max Pro

    This is the exact phone I have been looking at. Can't decide between that and the Samsung Galexy Note 20 Ultra 5G. I still have an Iphone 6 plus, lol. Before that I had android phones. I really love...
  8. Thread: COVID Vaccine

    by SueCT

    COVID Vaccine

    Got mine today! It was a happy day at my hospital today! Looks like the beginning of the end. :D
  9. Re: Shofer's Furniture in Baltimore has closed their doors

    We had a local long time furniture store of better brands close a few years a go. I was surprised until I talked to them. They were retiring. None of their children were interested in taking over....
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    Re: How to destroy a H&M Barstool

    Too bad that a nice piece got destroyed. I hope the total loss is the moving companies and not the owners. I hope they make good on it.
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    Re: Buying Etiquette for the Price Shoppers

    I am sorry that happened. I also price shopped but was lucky enough to have 2 dealers within 15 miles that sell H&M. I got to try out the sofa in their stores and only discussed prices between the...
  12. Re: Most Comfortable-H&M Austin High Back/Tilt Back 2038 or Westwood Tilt Back 2062?

    If you are a Carolina guy, depending on where in the Carolinas you are, why not consider the trip to Duane's store and try out a bunch of H&M recliners? Or probably even closer, maybe he could...
  13. Re: Hancock and Moore # 6246-3 Ava Sofa in Angelo Putty

    It is odd, because the seat depth and height listed by H&M on their website are basically the same for both sofas. I noticed that the Ava sofa they picture has cushions kind of angled back and not as...
  14. Re: Get a Clue, Jonathan Charles, there's a pandemic going on

    So "We decided to let you make less profit so you can sell more of our merchandise"? Nice. How generous of them.
  15. Re: Hancock & Moore # 6232-3 Natalie Tufted Sofa in Dream Cameo

    Beautiful piece and the chair will look great with it. Both beautiful pieces.
  16. Re: Guidance on Sundance Recliner in Weston Cane Burnished

    I don't know but I LOVE the color of that Author chair! Gorgeous!
  17. Thread: Vote!!!

    by SueCT

    Re: Vote!!!

    YES! Take as long it takes, EVERYONE vote! Democracy at work!
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    Re: Emilio Sofa, Chair and Ottomans in Tiburon Java

    I think they are substracting the seat depth from the overall depth and saying that means the rest, which is 22.5 inches is how thick the back of the sofa and back cushion must be. I know some sofas...
  19. Re: Need some guidance on my sofa order with a local dealer

    I would still notify your credit card company so you they have the information on file. There is a time limit to filing claims with them and you do want to protect yourself. They can give you the...
  20. Sticky: Re: Convert your Plug in Motion Furniture to Battery Power

    Great to know!
  21. Re: Need some guidance on my sofa order with a local dealer

    Duane can obviously give you more information on what you can do to work with them. Once you reach the point that you don't think working with them further is an option, I would contact your credit...
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    Re: Semi-aniline for a recliner

    You need to read this:
  23. Re: What is the best furniture brand in your opinion?

    For leather in my opinion it is Hancock and Moore, no contest. :) For wood items or fabric, you would probably look elsewhere.
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    Re: Trying to decide on a brand

    I smell spam
  25. Re: Deconstruction of a chair - today at noon, Century Furniture

    I registered, then forgot about it while doing online mandatory education and missed it. I wish these Webinars were available to view on video after the fact.
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