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    Default Platform storage bed

    I'd like to get a california king platform storage bed with no space beneath (nowhere for dust to hide), drawers on both sides, and a bookcase headboard. I would prefer real wood, not MDF. Any suggestions?

    Also, should we use a box spring on top of the platform? How would we decide? We're going to get a new mattress at the same time.

    -- Amanda

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    Don't worry about the MDF, or go to a custom cabinet maker.

    Box springs do not go on top of true platforms.

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    Thanks, Steve!

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    Default Re: Platform storage bed

    I much prefer platform beds to box springs. I personally feel it's much better support for my back and much more comfortable. I also like being able to build the platform a bit higher so there's more clearance under the bed for storage.

    As for slats v. plywood. I think either work as long as you have enough slats (to prevent lumps) and they don't sag in the middle. I've personally never used slats for anything larger that a twin bed (see the bunkbeds thread). My king bed has a 1/2" ply platform supported on a 2x6 frame (probably overkill but I weigh over 350 lbs so I wasn't taking any chances).

    I've heard the argument that slats have an advantage as it allows the mattress to breathe and prevents moisture buildup. Don't know about that one way or the other but I suppose it's something to consider.

    Either way, with a queen or king bed I'd suggest some sort of support in the center of the bed...
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