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    Default Hancock & Moore tufted

    I had problems in the past with the buttons popping on tufted sofas. Is this a problem with Hancock & Moore?

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    No, it won't be a problem with H&M because of the way they attach the buttons.

    Tufted buttons can pop off when they're tagged on (Bradington-Young used a tagging method of attachment for example). I've seen plenty of tagged buttons come off over the years. They use a tool like this:

    Hancock and Moore hand-sews the buttons on. Its time-consuming, laborious and the button-tufters are the highest paid people on the line because its a real craft to do it right. (see the photo attached on an ottoman in the process of being button-tufted by hand).

    Sewn-on button can loosen over time as pieces age and foams and spring relax with use, but here's a little upholsterer's trick... if you know the buttons are sewn on and not tagged, then you simply screw the button down clockwise until it tightens up again. You're just twisting a string and tightening it up. But don't do that on a tagged button or it will more likely come off in your hand as you break the tag.

    Sometimes you can tell if a piece is using tagged or sewn buttons by the price. If a tufted chair is $ 100 more than its smooth-backed cousin from the same maker, its probably tagged-on. If its $ 300 more, then its probably hand-sewn tufted.
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