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    i have a bedroom set that used to be my sister's... it appears to be "Huntley Furniture". i did some research, and found this link about Huntley:

    it still doesn't tell me a whole lot. i have what appears to be a full set of stuff - head and footboards for a full-size bed, night stand, 5-drawer dresser (like 5' tall x 3' wide), 4-drawer short-but-wide dresser (3' tall, 5' wide), wall mirror, and vanity with mirror. it's all in decent shape, but could probably use a refinishing, if you're into that kind of thing.

    any ideas as to what this stuff is worth/how rare it is? i was going to throw it all on craigslist for $50, but when i found that "Huntley Furniture" badge, i googled it and saw that it was fairly old. i'm in a fairly rural area in northern california, so there's not a ton of antique shops that i could bring this too...

    what would be the best method on selling it? here's a set i found on ebay for a big chunk of change, but it's not as complete as mine, and appears to be newer since it's Huntley/Simmons:

    ...and here are some pictures. i don't have everything, because my iPhone sucks at taking pictures in low light. sorry.

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    Its production furniture, not hand-made, so its value will be limited. The form is decent on the pieces. If you clean then up and polish/wax the pieces, take some decent photos and all, I would think you can get considerably more than $ 50 for the lot. Craigslist or Ebay, or get it to a consignment shop are your best venues to sell it. Good luck
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    I love old furniture. I would much rather clean up or refinish an old piece of furniture than buy new, my H&M sofa excepted. I could not buy any where near the same quality of construction today -- dovetailed joints, tenon and mortise, dust covers between drawers, strong and solid without any plywood, MDF or particle board.

    My husband and I are the recipients of his grandparents' first 4 piece bedroom set that was made around 1920. The drawer pulls are very similar to your pulls. Oh my but the set is solid walnut. By the time it got to us in 2006 it had been well used and well cared for, although it did need some 'deep cleaning', old wax removal, re-waxing and polishing.

    I cleaned these pieces with mineral spirits in good ventilation and then let the pieces dry for a day. I was amazed at how much old wax and dirt came off! The mineral spirits did not affect the finish. (NOTE: Test to determine if your finish is shellac, varnish or other before using mineral spirits.) Then I waxed the pieces. I love BRIWAX and use it exclusively on my furniture!! It comes in 6 colors plus clear. I used Antique Mahogany. After adding two thin wax coats and polishing, the pieces now have that lovely patina one wants in old furniture. Now they sit beautifully in the spare bedroom, empty and waiting for the grandchildren to visit.

    Even if you don't want to keep the pieces, the effort you spend to clean and wax them should surely increase the price one might be willing to pay.

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