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    Are there rules of thumb for night stand height? We have a very thick bed, around 36" to the top of the matress. The night stand in the collection we selected is 30", better than the 24" of our old ones but wondering if should be even taller. If so would have to go outside the collection and complicating the decision process. What do you think?

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    It really depends on your lamps and where you want to reach for your alarm clock, etc. In my own home, my wife has a 30" height piece on her side, and I use a 27" one on mine (but my lamp is taller on my side), and we have a bed that sleeps right at 31" or so to the top of the matt.
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    I'm building four nightstands for Christmas presents and one of the cool things about building it yourself is being able to choose the exact style and size you want. My neice, for whom I am building two nightstands, has a very narrow space between her bed and the wall so I am making a taller yet narrower piece in the Chippendale style to match her chest-on-chest I made for her earlier. It is Cherry, maple secondary.

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