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Thread: Mid-century blonde dining set-Johnson Furniture?

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    Default Mid-century blonde dining set-Johnson Furniture?

    Hello! In the early 1950s, my parents purchased in the metropolitan NY area (Koos Brothers/ Teppers) a dining set that consisted of one 60" blonde (maple/birch/bleached mahogany?) round slatted table with black enameled legs, 6 armless dining chairs and 1 open sideboard also with the same slatted wood and black enameled legs. The side board looks more like a shelving system but the lower shelf utilizes a plate groove so that dishes could sit vertically. Years ago, when I asked my mother about the provenance, she thought the set may have been made by Cosco. However, the closest thing I have been able to find that resembled this set was an ad for the Johnson Furniture Company in the front of a past issue of Modernism Magazine. Does anyone know what possible line/designer of furniture manufactured by Cosco or Johnson Furniture that may resemble what I have described? I apologize for no pictures yet. Thank you!

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    Have you inspected concealed areas of the pieces - bottoms, cabinet backs, etc. - for any labels or brands? I assume so, but....

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    Yes, I have. The piece was refinished about thirty years ago so I fear that whatever label was there may have been removed at the time. I just found out that the Johnson Furniture Company produced dining sets under the Johnson-Handley-Johnson Furniture Company name. Also, after spending hours online, I feel as if the pieces were definitely not produced by Cosco. These pieces are of extremely good quality utilizing solid wood and iron/steel legs that were enameled. The wooden slats are 3/4" thick by 5" wide. The enameled tubular legs are 1" in diameter. The undersides show no hole repairs possibly indicating that the labels were possibly paper.

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