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    Thanks for the quick response! Based on your suggestion is the 9840 the biggest sofa we could get that would fit down our corridor and doorway? I see that it is 83” W as well but depth of 38”. Depth is my biggest factor? I thought the low hallway height would be a big factor too. I guess what I’m asking is if we reverse engineer based on the doorway and hallway, what would my max dimensions for a sofa be? Or are there a whole bunch of combinations? Thanks again

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    That's a typo on the C&B website @ 25" height - that's measurement is the arm height.

    I cannot tell you what is going to fit based on written descriptions, but these are things that limit delivery ingress and egress.

    * Depth
    * Tall fixed backs (Higher than the cushions)
    * Arms that come to the front edge of the sofa
    * Legs that do not come off

    Hallway height is not as much a factor as being able to turn the sofa to get a straight shot into the condo. Sofas do not go in doorways at angles. If you want a large sofa and the access to get in is questionable, then configure it as a sectional so you have smaller pieces that break down and will slide together once inside.
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