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    I'm a first-time poster but have been reading and learning for awhile. We're about to embark on a long overdue makeover of our family room. Finding just the right sofa has proven to be more of a challenge than I expected and I found myself feeling a bit like Goldilocks as each of the sofas we tried was either too hard, too shallow, too low, too something. We were looking for something with a deep seat and tall back that was comfortable to sink into. We have finally agreed on a sofa from Henredon's Fireside custom collection which seems to have the proportions and features that we want. I thought we were well on our way until I looked at our fabric options and nearly all of them listed rayon as their primary fabric content. So that brings me to my questions...

    First off, where would you rank Henredon in terms of quality? We do not have an H&M budget but are looking for quality that will last. (We're replacing a 22-year old Bernhardt sectional that gave us 15 good years.)

    As to fabric, I have been told that rayon should be avoided because it is not as durable and long-wearing as other fabric options. Would you agree with this or does it depend on tightness of weave or other factors? Frankly, I was shocked to find so much rayon in Henredon's fabric lines so I'm hoping I've been misinformed. If that is the case, I'll revisit their fabric samples since I currently have found only one fabric and I'm not that excited about it. My other consideration is whether to purchase this COM.

    I'm getting over the sticker shock of going with COM. If I have to pay more to get the fabric I want, I'm willing to do that since I'll be living with it for a long time. However, after reading your very informative response to another poster asking about COM and the reason why it is so expensive, I'm concerned about going this route. I wouldn't purchase 2nd quality fabric although I would likely buy it from one of the chain fabric stores known more for their prices than their expertise or service.

    Do you have any advice to offer? Duane, do you carry Henredon and, if so, would you be able to give me a price on this sofa?

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    Hi Christine,

    I don't carry Henredon, but its a decent product, i think you would be pleased with it.

    Rayon is a man-made synthetic fabric with comfort properties similar to natural fibers such as silk, wool, cotton and linen. Rayon fabrics are soft, smooth, cool, comfortable, and highly absorbent, but they do not insulate body heat. Its popular because of low cost and high sheen. The durability and appearance retention of regular rayon are low, especially when wet. Rayon has the poor elastic recovery. I personally prefer blends with Rayon, such as 70% Rayon, 30 % Cotton, etc.

    Today I unpacked Southwood sofa that was covered in a COM Schumacher fabric. WOW. When we pulled off the plastic, you could just see the sofa 'pop' with color and vibrancy. Even my 22-year-old delivery guys who don't know a Chenille from a Microfiber said "That looks good!". When you use quality fabrics on a piece, it does make a difference. BTW, this customer is 89 years old who ordered this sofa. Good for her!
    Duane Collie
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    Thanks for your reply, Duane. When I was first looking at Henredon fabrics, I had rejected any that had more than 35% rayon (or it might have been those with more than 50% rayon -- I forget!) It sounds like you might consider something as high as 70%. Do you feel that that is a sufficient blend of other materials to overcome the negative attributes of rayon (durability, appearance retention and elastic recovery) because these sound pretty bad to me!

    Great story about the 89 year old customer! You're never too old to get what you really want and she obviously has a positive outlook on life.



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    I'd accept a 70% Rayon blend if that's the fabric I wanted, but having said that - when I order fabric pieces for my own personal use I usually COM and get a Schumacher or Robert Allen, etc. I like the Belgian wool/cotton/linen blend the best but they're over $ 100 a yard. Nothing beats the high end fabrics, they really pop.

    Blends are always a good idea on synthetics as they help wearability. 100% of any man-made fiber usually results in a pill-ing issue down the road.
    Duane Collie
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    Henredon has been around for a long time and earned an excellent reputation over many years. The primary upholstery factory used to be located in High Point, NC and a large percentage of its upholsterers were professionals with 20 or 30 years experience.

    About 3 years ago Henredon closed down its High Point factory and moved production. I am not sure whether it went to another North Carolina town or overseas. What I do know is that most of the veteran upholsterers were left behind and the new Henredon upholstery factory opened with people who were not nearly as skilled and experienced as their predecessors and the quality of the product has suffered.

    It's been a couple of years since I looked at a Henredon sofa so maybe things have improved, but I doubt that the product being produced today is of the same high quality that established Henredon's reputation.

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