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Thread: Happy thanksgiving!!!

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    Default Happy thanksgiving!!!

    Followed by pumpkin pie (YUM!).

    Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.
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    Default Re: Happy thanksgiving!!!

    A good pal of mine (internet for over 12 years, though we never have met face to face) gave me the BEST news on Thanksgiving Day. His name is Jan and sent me an email last night, he took his first steps with his adult children into a movie theater Thanksgiving Day after a very long injury that occurred last Spring when the bulldozer he was operating collapsed sideways on a dirt road in Washington State. His foot was caught in the steel treads as he jumped off and the doctors wanted to amputate his leg to the knee saying there was no practical way they could save it. He said "No - let me try, I'll do the work". They left if on, and 21 operations later he is full of pins and magic synthetics in that foot and minus all but one toe, but it works - and he did do the work and put up with the pain, never complaining in the least - just happy to be alive. Thanksgiving Day was his first attempt out of the wheelchair. He walked into the movie from the parking lot* and walked out under his own power. He even walked up the wheelchair ramp on his own steam when he got back home. He was so happy...and I'm thrilled for him. I knew he'd make it. He's a senior Microsoft software engineer and head of the ski patrol (his EMT training saved his life as most people would have bled to death at that accident scene) at some resort in Washington State. The guy doesn't know the meaning of the word 'quit'. Now he wants me to come out there this summer so we can ride motorcycles to Alaska!

    * No Handicapped placards for his car. That means to Jan that he can't hack the walk from the parking lot. Jan has salt.
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    Default Re: Happy thanksgiving!!!

    Your friend Jan is quite an inspiration. Good lord. I don't know where you and Jan, and other people like you, find your strength, will and determination. God bless you all!

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