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Thread: Duane, Have you used the Honda?

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    Default Re: Duane, Have you used the Honda?

    Still chugging along, the Honda Snowblower hasn't turned an auger in anger in two years! Climate change and all that, we rarely get more than 2" that melts away quickly.....glad to have you stop back by.
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    Default Re: Duane, Have you used the Honda?

    Nice to hear from you. Will be surfing the forum more often. Wonder how many of the people I chatted with back when are still on here. Believe it or not I might have sat on the Hancock & Moore sofa maybe 20 times since I got it from you. The Jessica Charles chairs we made the deal for my wife has adopted one and sits in that chair every night for hours. She loves it. The second one was not sat in until a year or so ago when we adopted a new pup. He adopted the chair and it's now his. Click image for larger version. 

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