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Thread: Best Type of Mattress for Platform Bed?

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    Default Best Type of Mattress for Platform Bed?

    I am looking for a mattress for a new platform bed I ordered. I wondered if there was a type of mattress that is best suited for a platform bed. I was looking into either purchasing a Shifman coil mattress (mid line) or a high quality natural latex bed. Would one type work better than the other? I realize that any mattress will feel firmer on a platform.

    On the Shifman site, they say that if the mattress goes on a platform only 1/2 the warranty applies. Also, another quote they mentioned states "Buying a mattress on a foundation is like buying an automobile without shock absorbers."

    Makes me think twice about buying an expensive Shifman and putting it on a platform.



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    Default Re: Best Type of Mattress for Platform Bed?

    Most bed warranties, Shifman included, aren't worth the paper they are printed on. They cover manufacturing DEFECTS, not performance, and most end users confuse the two. 99.8% of all mattresses are replaced because of failure of the internal components from wear and use, not defects. Think of the mattress like you would a pair of blue jeans. What ever goes wrong on blue jeans? Not much, you just wear them out over time, or soil them, etc. I can never recall a pair of jeans I had that had a manufacturing defect due to workmanship or material flaws. Same with mattresses.

    Defects in bedding subject to warranty replacement are typically limited to stitching that unravels (I'm had one instance of this in 27 years of selling bedding), broken internal springs (never had one), exterior fabric cover splitting because of defective weave (never), Edge spring failure (never). That's about it.

    The reason they say its 'half warranty' or 'no warranty' unless you buy their box springs is quite simply to scare you into buying two pieces. That applies to all makers, not just Shifman. You'll be just fine buying a mattress for the platform - I set that up all the time for customers. As to latex or cotton, its just what you prefer, both are premium products but do feel different when lying on them.
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    Default Re: Best Type of Mattress for Platform Bed?

    I realise this thread is a couple of months old, but I feel compelled to add some information even if just for future reference for anyone else who may have this question.
    There are 3 basic types of foundations manufacturers use with mattress sets: flex or coiled (upper end Kingsdown for example), semi-flex (serta perfect sleeper for example), and non-flex (simmons for example). When you are going to be placing a mattress on a platform bed, you want to make sure that the mattress is designed for a non-flex foundation. As opposed to mattresses that are designed to be on a "working" foundation, mattresses that are designed for a solid foundation have a layer of high density foam on the bottom of the mattress that, in conjunction with the specific coil system the manufacturer uses, help to redirect the force back upward. This type of mattress is ALWAYS one sided or non-flip, and placing it on a platform bed will NOT effect your warranty. Simmons BeautyRest lines are a good fit for platform beds, although there are several options available out there. An all foam bed (latex or mem foam) would typically also have a "box" style foundation as well.
    In terms of the warranty being useless, I don't agree. The most common reason for a mattress being replaced under this warranty is "sagging", or coil failure in the center section of the mattress. The one thing to be aware of is that ANY stains or marks on the mattress will void the warranty, so use a good quality mattress pad or supplemental stain guard type warranty if your retailer offers it. You are paying for your manufacturer's warranty, so protect that investment.

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    Default Re: Best Type of Mattress for Platform Bed?

    I checked in this thread because I put my mattress on a good slated futon frame on top of the thin wool/cotton futon it came with (its a motion futon that can break into a loveseat). I've been on this over 9 years and its fine other than the mattress needing to be replaced now. Seemed fine, I flipped it ever few months.

    Its a medi-coil tri tech 2000 ther a pedic wool comfort and I doubt it was designed for a platform or non motion.

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