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Thread: Stanley Stoneleigh Mahogany Quality

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    Default Stanley Stoneleigh Mahogany Quality

    I'm new so bear with me.

    I am considering a Stanley Stoneleigh dining set as a "used" purchase. Any thoughts on quality or price? anything comparable? I know it is no longer manufacturered and all the new Stanley looks to be poorer quality.

    I am very traditional in my tastes and there doesn't seem to be much of that available in quality new furniture.


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    One of the things I really can't help with is a question such as this. You see there are thousands of makers of furniture, who can learn and study about them all? Certainly not I. I'm in my store 6 days a week and on my one day off I can assure you I don't jump in the car to go to other stores to study brands I don't carry . It would be a full time job to learn all the different products out there and how they stack up. So, the right way to get an evaluation here is to take a series of detailed photos with a REAL camera (no fuzzy, underexposed cell phone shots in low resolution) that show the details of construction from all angles, especially the underside. If i can see a series of (5) or more photos like that - and know the price you intend to pay, then I can give you a reasonable idea of quality / value of the piece.

    There are lots of pieces out there that are high quality still being made - I sell them every day. But quality doesn't come cheaply, so budget factors can come into play pretty quickly.
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