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Thread: Recliners like the Ekornes Stressless

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    Default Recliners like the Ekornes Stressless

    I've fallen in love with the way these feel, and I like the ability to buy the same style chair in different sizes. They are well designed to give good support and comfort in several different positions. This means a lot to people with back problems! But they are expensive, around $2,000 to $2,500 per chair.

    I see similar-looking chairs for a lot less. Macy's carries 2 made by Lane, and there are several online made by Palliser and Mac Motion. The Lane chairs don't fit me, and I haven't seen the others in person. Can anyone tell me about the Palliser or MacMotion brand or recommend another chair with a similar feel? I'm not wedded to the Ekornes style. I do want something contemporary, preferably with clean lines.

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    Palliser is very nice. So is Lafer, which has a retractable footrest.

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