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Thread: Quality of Hickory Chair Dining Room Set

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    Default Quality of Hickory Chair Dining Room Set

    What can you say or know about the quality of this Hickory Chair dining table and chairs? Baltimore Double Pedestal Dining Table 2470-70 and 2475-30

    This is the link to chairs:
    Carolina Chippendale Side Chair
    James River

    Price on DR table, 4 side chairs and 2 armchair is around $7,000.

    I was told the table is made in the USA, the chairs are carved in SE. Does anybody have any experience with this set?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Quality of Hickory Chair Dining Room Set

    I can't tell from general photos like that but will tell you a story....

    In the 80's and 90's Hickory Chair was a 'hot' line. I wanted it badly for my store and bugged the Rep. for it constantly, but a large area store named Mastercraft had a lock on the line so I couldn't get it. Mastercraft went belly-up in 2006 and suddenly I could get any of their lines they had exclusives on. I picked up Hancock and Moore immediately and the Hickory Chair rep was more than happy to sell it to me. Before I jumped in with both feet, I decided to go scouting and look the line over closely at a competitor's showroom. The Hickory Chair I saw in 2006 was not the same product they made in the 80's and 90's. it has cheapened up A LOT and hand numerous build flaws evident. I told the Rep that and he admitted they don't 'build them like they used to'. I haven't seen anything coming from Hickory Chair since that would alter my opinion of their build quality.

    $ 7K for a table and (6) chairs is not a lot of money. When we do a handmade, properly made unit like that the chairs are $ 1,500 each and the table about $ 6,000. So at $ 7K I'm not expecting top in category by a long shot, but I'd have to do a hands-on exam to really see how its put together.
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    Default Re: Quality of Hickory Chair Dining Room Set

    Thank you drcollie,

    Thank you for your reply. I read this story here before I posted my question when I did search on Hickory Chair. Do you have any alternative company within 7,000 range. For bedroom furniture I am considering Durham and Mobel as solid wood US/Canada made furniture, but unfortunately they do not make dining room furniture.

    Thank yo again

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