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Thread: Advice on Wooden Canopy Beds

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    Hi all,

    First, my compliments to Mr. Collie for this very helpful (and my go-to) site for quality furniture and related questions. Thank you for hosting this.

    Now, to my question. I'd like to buy a wooden canopy bed (and matching dresser and night tables) that is not made in China. In terms of style, I'd like it to be a shade less straight than this one at Crate and Barrel: But then not as curvy as this one at Pottery Barn: I'm flexible on style, and have been doing online searches for stuff from British Colonial (think India or Caribbean) to reclaimed wood furniture in the Indonesian style (some interesting stuff, but I'm hesitant to buy sight-unseen from unknown dealers across the world).

    Can you/anyone recommend manufacturers or retailers that sell quality wood furniture? I'm in Northern Virginia, by the way.

    Thanks in advance


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    So, I've been going through and reading some of the threads on wood furniture and I think I have a better idea of your advice. The thread on the one Restoration Hardware dining table was really helpful, as was the "Pottery Barn Unstuffed" article. Also helpful was the following breakdown from Mr. Collie: 1) Junk. Uses the cheapest possible material and attempts to trick the customer into buying by disguising with veneers and other visuals. Fails rapidly. 2) Low End. Up a notch from Junk. Uses high-speed construction methods and stronger materials (though often will retain veneers) that will typically give decent service for a limited period of time. No residual value. 3) Production. Quality materials, and production line construction. Decent hardware, good finishes. Solid, though won't win any design awards. Long lasting, and suitable for passing down to family members, etc. Most people buy in this category. 4) Handcrafted. Here's the Art of Furnituremaking. Wide Board Materials, hand-worked surfaces, time-honored construction, the best hardware, and finishes that take hours to lay up. Here's where details and specifics matter. Its Benchmade by cabinetmakers, can actually increase in value as the years go by if well-cared for and a good design.

    I think I'm probably a little more stuck than before though, since now I'm not just worried about style, but also about durability. Given wallet constraints, I think I'm gunning for "production."

    What's odd, is that my last experience buying something from there was so different. I had bought a coffee table that was so durable that a bomb (or two active little boys) could go off on it and it still survived. After 20 years, I sold it just because I wanted a new look. Now, based on that article, it looks like you could pay close to $4000 for a bed alone, and it could start getting wobbly within 5 years. What's difficult is to figure out better options, that don't have me spending $10K just on a bed. I've never had a piece of furniture custom built based on a style I provide, but I know that can't be cheap.

    Side note, there was another thread where Mr. Collie talked about what he stocks in the store and the "art" part of furniture read like poetry. It would be super cool to read a book about that by you. Back to reading threads and figuring out what the heck to buy!

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    If you are in Northern Virginia, then you are very close to my store - stop on by and I can show you what a properly made bed looks like and how its made. When you buy one with correct construction - they never break, never fail and become family heirlooms that can be passed down for generations.
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    I came by once, I want to say 5-6 years ago, with 2 boys who I thought were going to tear down your store. I think I'm due for another visit, this time on my own.

    That aside, today is apparently the day that this forum sucks me in!

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    I apologize for bump an old topic from the dead, just have a few interesting observations from personal experience, maybe someone will need this information in the future.
    bought a cherry 4-poster bed (Kincaid gathering house collection) way back when and it had an optional canopy kit you could get, which had the four rails, four finials, and three cross pieces in the middle. Ask your retailer to see if the bed comes with an option. You may not see it on the retailer's site, but they can check the manufacturer's catalogs.

    If that doesn't work for you, there is a company in Leominster MA that makes canopy bed frames that fit over a standard metal bedframe and mattress. Its sort of the "poor man's canopy bed" option. My google is a little weak this morning, but hunt around and if you can find it post back in here and we can search it up later.I like to watch YouTube videos of a similar theme when I'm looking for information about the right product. I hope this helps someone in the future. Good luck!
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