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    Hello everyone. I've been reading these posts for a couple of weeks now. I'm at a point in my search for a sofa where I have a question. Which brand is better, Smith Brothers of Berne, or Temple furniture? I read a post from Duane saying that Temple is in the middle for quality, but a sofa and love seat is almost $4000 where I live! Are Lee and Sherrill better? Do they cost even more? I live in a rural area where there are only 2 stores that sell "quality" brand furniture, including those brands mentioned. We are at the mercy of what these dealers want to charge. What are average prices for these brands? Thanks for any help!

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    Sorry, a blanket question such as 'which is better' and 'what should they cost' is difficult to answer. Every dealer sets their own prices and there is no way to tell the quality of a frame build without seeing a open construction image and see how its put together. Good luck on your search.
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