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Thread: Advice on sofa/recliner combination

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    we are looking to furnish our living/family room. it is a rather small and long room (12'x17'). we like rather straight lines. after doing some research on the H&M website, we think we like the Leslie sofa and the Ghent recliner. we are considering placing the sofa on the long wall,wall mount the tv on the opposite wall with a small media cabinet below and the recliners flanking the sofa and angled in. we think recliners allow us to eliminate ottomans. we also think we will place a longish coffee table which can also double to rest you foot on while sitting on the sofa. i have no sense of design and decor, i would like to hear your thoughts on how the pieces will go together (the ghent recliner is taller than the leslie sofa). i am open to hear other suggestions as well.


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    The Leslie and ghent should look very nice together, and I would have no concern about the back of the recliners being higher. The Leslie reminds me of the Rugby which is one my favorite H&M Sofas (arms are not straight however). The furniture arrangement you suggest sounds fairly typical, with the sofa, coffee table and recliner across from the TV and Cabinet. I am wondering if you are thinking you would each be in the recliners on most days, rather than one favoring the Sofa. Just thinking that if one favors the Sofa, then you might consider having the one recliner next to the sofa and the other recliner across the room from the first recliner forming a "L" with the three pieces. This may help form a conversation area when visitors are present and also balance the weight of the room. Many HDTVs today have excellent side-angle viewing so that even the person sitting in the recliner nearer the HDTV side of the room can still view comfortably. Having no idea whee the entry points are in the room or what may be on the end walls, this arrangement may or may not work for you.

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    The 12' width may be limiting and will affect placement of the recliners. When one such as the Ghent is used, its going to need 18" behind the recliner footprint to fully recline, which means you will have to offset it out towards the middle of the room. That may or may not be an issue for you - just a data point to check on placement. If it turns out that is becomes an issue, then look at one of the wall hugger units which typically only need half that distance behind the footprint to recline. The styles are very limited in wall huggers however, in H&M world they will begin with a 3xxx number. This is as close as one will get to the Ghent design:
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