Here's what you will want to do to speed the process.

1. Use model numbers, not the 'names' of the pieces. Price look-up is much quicker that way as the dealer price book is in model numbers, and 'names' must be cross-referenced.

2. Have your leather(s) selected

3. Standard cushion cores will be 18oz Dupont Qualux - an engineered poly-dac foam. You can request 'extra-full' and/or 'extra firm' cushions at no extra charge if you think you want them. Ultra Down cushions are softer and more plush, and an extra cost option for seats and backs.

4. The Default wood finish for most all H&M pieces is MAHOGANY DISTRESSED. If you don't specify a wood finish, that's what you will get. The H&M web site shows all wood finishes and the photos are accurate.

5. The Default nail trim is A / AA nail. You can select different nail colors if you like, or leave them off altogether. As long as the alternate nails are the same size and shape as one that come with the piece its no extra charge. Best place to see the nail trims is here on the forum, I have it posted with a photo. Click the photo 3 times for hi-res.

6. Welt trim is standard on most pieces. You can request an exposed stitch closure at no extra charge if welt trim friction wear over time is a concern.

7. You can mix at match leathers on a piece at no extra charge if they are in the same or lesser grade. Example, body of a chair in Cameo Tan Burnished (GR 3) and welt trim done in Cameo Mocha Burnished (Gr3). No extra charge.

8. If you want to change the legs of a piece, in most cases that will incur a custom upcharge.

9. When asking for shipping quotes, give your STATE and ZIP CODE. Many folks just supply a zip code and then it requires a trip to the post office web site to look up the state, as rating sheets require both state and zip.

10. Sales tax is collected only where the dealer as a business presence. My business is in Virginia, therefore I only collect sales tax for Virginia when an item is delivered to the consumer in the state. This does not exempt you from paying your local sales tax where you live, but the selling dealer is not going to collect it.

11. All furniture must be paid for in full before it is delivered. Different dealers require different payment methods and terms. In my store its 20 % down to order, balance due when it leaves the factory and prior to delivery. Credit cards accepted for both deposit and balance.

12. Shipping costs. These will vary by dealer. I ask that you pay the shipper his fees direct at time of delivery, and most the time they request a money order or certified check. That way you are paying exactly the delivery charge and no more, no less.