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Thread: You never know what you'll find in the basement....

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    Default You never know what you'll find in the basement....

    I have a water leak in my basement from all the heavy water/snow melt we've had in Virginia the past 30 days, and its at the Cove Joint where the vertical concrete wall meets the floor of the basement. It's a costly fix as it involves jackhammering up the floor and making a drain to the sump to remedy. I'm hoping that once it dries out here it may go away enough to not have to do that once I make sure the gutters on the house are all cleaned out. I had to pull out a wall of metal storage shelves to get to the leak, and noticed something very odd in the insulation on the concrete wall near the leak area, the insulation was bulging. I got down on my hands and knees and start exploring it and find all these old paintballs stuffed up in there from my son Alex's paintball days. I started laughing.....some mouse had made himself a little palace of shiny gold balls and carried each one of these about thirty feet to his kingdom and arranged them as part of his living area. Look at all I got out from the wall..that was one busy mouse.

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    Default Re: You never know what you'll find in the basement....

    Not to mention disappointed, once he broke open his first "acorn" and discovered it was not food. Disappointed to death, probably.

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