My pleasure!

I continue to be amazed at the LACK of knowledge of some people that sell leather furniture, its amazing the stupidity and advice some in the trade put forth. All 'Protected' means is the leather is painted, nothing more. Body oils from hair and hands together with dirt will soil any leather from any maker over time, and that will break down the coatings and tannins in the leather, causing it to darken and crack. Keep it cleaned and conditioned, and you have eliminated the primary cause of leather failure, simple as that.

Imagine for example, a baseball cap or say a pair of jeans. You wear it every day and never bother to clean them, just use them. What are is that cap or pair of jeans going to look like in a year? In five years? In ten? They're going to be really, really nasty, and the materials used to make the degrading over time. Baseball caps get tossed in the trash regularly and jeans laundered, but think if they didn't? You have to get the dirt and oils off the hides and you have to put some moisturizer back in them from time to time. Do that, and you can easily get 40 + years out of leather upholstery, I know - I've done it in my own home (well actually, my oldest piece is now 32 years old but its in fine shape).

One kit will probably last you two years on two recliners, doing the treatment every 6 months. You should have enough to do them both at least 4x.