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Thread: Dining room chair leather suggestions

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    Default Dining room chair leather suggestions

    Do and I traveled to Furnitureland South in High Point this weekend. We finally got to test a few Jessica Charles dining chairs and loved the "Lauren" Tufted Dining chair. We will plan on 4 chairs around a 48" round dining table (yet to be selected). The dining room is to be painted Sherwin Williams Sawdust which is tan with a definite green undertone. These chairs are comfortable enough to serve as additional seating not just mealtime chairs. They will be used daily by us and occasionally for guests. I would like to have them done in a green leather. I have samples of Equestrian Moss, Antelope Olive and Cameo Olive Burnished. All of these look good with the paint color. However, since these chairs will serve as dining chairs, people including my grandchild(ren) (we have one granddaughter now but it's likely there will be another) will be eating in the chairs daily. Would a protected leather be better? If so is there a green that anyone (Duane?) might suggest? I appreciate the input. Also I believe that Jessica Charles chairs can be covered in any of the H&M leathers. Correct me, please, if that is not the case.
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    Hi Geena,

    Yes, you can use any Hancock & Moore leather on Jessica Charles, I have a set in my store that way as a matter of fact. Any of those leathers will work, they are tough and all have a topcoat on them. Cameo Olive Burnished will have the most high/low tones on it, Equestrian is always solid, and Antelope is a high end finished leather. No bad or poor choices on any.
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