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Thread: Wood finishes

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    So I've been reading the various forum threads for weeks now & just came across this one...LOL!!! I'm sure you have seen & heard it all by now Duane! You have an interesting & accurate perspective on the genders. With that said, I will admit that I'm a gatherer for sure. I always try to educate myself and am never impulsive when making decisions. It now seems that I am needing some additional assistance on wood finish, before moving ahead with my final order. I know, I know, I'm overthinking again! I have selected Capri Harness for the Highlands sofa & chair. I realize the legs are somewhat insignificant, but still feel compelled to make the "right" decision! While I LOVE the look & tones of Belgian Chocolate, I want to stay away from the premium finishes. I am considering the default color of MD, Mesa, and Artifacts, but have to base my decision on the e-catalog photos. Do you have an opinion on a darker finish that would go well with the caramel tones of Capri Harness? Is there a standard finish similar to Belgian Chocolate?

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    For Capri Harness I often use Sandalwood as a suggestion. It's not super-dark, but has a bit of the color of the leather in the wood. If you want rich and dark, perhaps Java.

    The Premium Finishes are just not really worth the cost on those pieces that show little exposed wood. But if you gotta have it - you gotta have it!
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