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Thread: Royal Pedic Mattress Rotation

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    Default Royal Pedic Mattress Rotation

    Hi Duane

    We are enjoying the mattress, it is definitely worth it as it is so much better than our old mattress! Can you tell me if the mattress needs to be just rotated every 3 months or flipped as well after you rotate it?



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    Default Re: Royal Pedic Mattress Rotation

    Hi Aaron,

    The Royal Pedic will turn you into a bedding elitist, though you won't realize how good it is until you go on a trip and sleep in another bed somewhere - that's when you really appreciate it. RP says every 3 months, both flip side-to-side and front-to-back on rotation, however I find I do mine twice a year because that king size mattress is just plain heavy and hard to wrestle. Every 6 months seems to work for me and as long as you are on some kind of rotation schedule then you'll be in good shape.
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