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    Question Re: Bradington Young Married Leather

    I'm absolutely new to this forum and thread. Just starting the gathering information process of buying a new leather couch and love seat. I have owned a BY for over 25 years. It still looks good, but is not as comfortable as it once was. What is married leather? Is that a leather and vinyl match or something different?

    I am looking at the Daylen BY. I was quoted a price with a "Grade 1" leather. What does that mean? He said it was top grain leather. I don't know about the finish or color process.

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    This thread will answer your questions:
    Duane Collie
    Straight answers from thirty years in the business.
    My Private Messages are Disabled - Please ask questions here in the forum
    I ask that you do NOT call my store with general furniture questions, that is what the forum is for

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