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Thread: One unhappy buyer!

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    Default One unhappy buyer!

    Back in the good ol' days when some in government, even a Democrat, was concerned about spending too much money.

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    You know, I sold (72) pieces of Hancock and Moore to The White House in 1987 during the Bush Administration. They came to me via the GSA buyer for The White House. They knew exactly what they wanted and I had to bid the job alongside other dealers. Low bidder gets the job, though because I was small and local, I would get some preference I was told. And it had to be in GR 1 leather, they would not consider GR 2, 3, 4, or 5 because they were more expensive.

    The GSA buyer said to me (and I am not making this up) "It's taxpayer money, we will only entry level leather"

    I replied to him "If we are looking to save money, we can go with Bradington Young and it will be about 20%, maybe 25 % less".

    My GSA guy said "No thanks. We know the build quality of Hancock and Moore and its durability, and have experience with the line - so it's the only brand we are considering".

    I was low bid and won the contract, and if you come into my store today you will see the White House purchase order in the staircase between the first and second floors of my store. It stayed with me that they truly were watching out for the taxpayer dollars and I appreciated that.
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