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Thread: Need conference room chair

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    Default Need conference room chair

    Hi Everyone,

    I need 24 conference room chairs for my office in Tarrytown. I want to but it from online if possible. I want a suggestion from expert. If I purchase my conference room chairs from amazon, It will be good? Or I should buy it from local seller. I saw many design available in amazon but I am not sure about their quality. So before order I want to make sure that I am going to buy best quality products


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    Default Re: Need conference room chair

    If you want best quality, take a look at Herman Miller or Steelcase Leaps. Really the deciding factor is probably going to be your budget. If you are buying 24 you should be able to go to an office furniture dealer and work out a quantity discount (not Staples, Office Depot, etc unless your budget is like $100 a chair).

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    Nothing magical about buying from Amazon, they have as much junk on there as anyone else. If I were investing in (24) chairs, I sure as heck would want to try one out first. Best Quality is expensive, and you won't be buying it from a website.
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    24 chairs means a lot of money you are investing through online. I think you should give some times to know about your need and chairs quality. You will find many website like,, etc websites from where you can get a proper idea about office chairs. Also about price you should compare with your local seller price so that you can be assured that you are getting best product in affordable price.

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    You'd better buy them in the physical store.

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