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Thread: Opinion on 914000-87 Leather

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    This is part of King Street (Grade 2) collection and the description describes it as a "lush oil pull-up." If I'm reading right (last line on the picture), this is also 9869-87 leather as well which is on the Bradington Young web page It seems less waxy than most of the anilines I've seen which to me is a good thing and I also don't see as much of a distressed look to it. Just curious if there are any opinions on it.

    I've got a semi active household (a tween boy) and cats. I've gone back and forth on a million different leathers but unfortunately after reading up, everytime I look at the finished leathers, they look cheap to me because of the fake stain pattern and such. My biggest concern is fading and the cats which seems to something maintenance should keep in check.

    Anyways, I'd appreciate any feedback!

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    9140 is not a pure aniline, its an aniline plus, which is a coated or pigmented leather. It's really an unremarkable leather, pretty mainstream, neither bad nor good. There is no wax in semi-anilines, only pull-up leathers have the wax and they are true anilines.

    The leather will do good service duty in a busy household, but its not in the same league as say their 9055 series leathers.
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    I just want to verify that we're talking the same leather. The swatch I had identified it as an Analine. It definitely didn't feel finished like a semi-analine.

    Click image for larger version. 

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