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Thread: looking for new fabric sofa

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    Default looking for new fabric sofa

    First, Thanks D.R. for providing this forum, I have gleaned much information from it.
    Hi I am new to this forum and looking for any information and or direction I can get. I have spent the last 1 weeks looking at sofas in what I call larger furniture stores and at smaller Mom and Pop stores, After all my looking I have come up with 2 possible options, the first is a Smith Brothers #397 with a g10 fabric. The second is a Gallagan with basically the same look and feel of the Smith brothers. The price of either is about $1800.00. I appreciate that the price will rise or fall based on the grade of fabric I finally choose. My questions are...
    Are there other comparable manufacturers I should consider in this price range? I am not adverse to paying less for equal or better quality.
    What fabric compositions should I be considering for best wear, spot cleaning, wearability?
    I have read that I should try to get "W" rated fabric vs "S". what has been your experience?
    Is a Particular blend something to look for or on the other hand, something to stay away from?

    The specifics are as follows:
    Overall width 84 - 86"
    Full rolled arm as seen at smith brother site.
    Overall height: 36"
    Seat depth: 21"
    Seat height: 20"
    Arm width: 8"
    Arm height: 24"

    Thanks again for any help

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    Default Re: looking for new fabric sofa

    I *think* Bradington Young and Taylor King will probably be around that price, you might want to browse their styles and get a quote from Duane to see. I know Hancock and Moore is better, but will also probably be at least $500 more.

    I can't speak to the grades, I am not sure there is really a standard like that across manufacturers.

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