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Thread: seen in Las Vegas

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    Default seen in Las Vegas

    At an Art Studio in The Venetian Resort. Very interesting to look at. These are done in leathers....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: seen in Las Vegas

    I'm not going to say "not my style".... Perhaps I'll just say, "What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas".

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaron View Post
    i'm not going to say "not my style".... Perhaps i'll just say, "what happens in vegas should stay in vegas".
    :d :d :d +1

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    Default Re: seen in Las Vegas

    Ok, stick with me for just a sec... I know a couple of very serious quilters and quilt collectors. These ladies have a fantastic eye for color and pattern combinations. And, they have gorgeous collections of fabric just waiting to be included in their future projects. I know not everyone gets the quilt thing, but these ladies aren't the stereotypical "grannies" that many think of when someone mentions quilters. (Nothing wrong with grannies! I loved mine!) So, when I look at those Las Vegas pieces, I think of what they would look like with completely different leather colors and patterns. I really do believe they would resemble gorgeous quilts! And, although the pictured pieces aren't for me, I probably would go for a traditional wing chair that resembles a well-thought quilt.


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