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Thread: seen in Las Vegas

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    Default seen in Las Vegas

    At an Art Studio in The Venetian Resort. Very interesting to look at. These are done in leathers....

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    Default Re: seen in Las Vegas

    I'm not going to say "not my style".... Perhaps I'll just say, "What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas".

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    Default Re: seen in Las Vegas

    Quote Originally Posted by aaron View Post
    i'm not going to say "not my style".... Perhaps i'll just say, "what happens in vegas should stay in vegas".
    :d :d :d +1

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    Default Re: seen in Las Vegas

    Ok, stick with me for just a sec... I know a couple of very serious quilters and quilt collectors. These ladies have a fantastic eye for color and pattern combinations. And, they have gorgeous collections of fabric just waiting to be included in their future projects. I know not everyone gets the quilt thing, but these ladies aren't the stereotypical "grannies" that many think of when someone mentions quilters. (Nothing wrong with grannies! I loved mine!) So, when I look at those Las Vegas pieces, I think of what they would look like with completely different leather colors and patterns. I really do believe they would resemble gorgeous quilts! And, although the pictured pieces aren't for me, I probably would go for a traditional wing chair that resembles a well-thought quilt.


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    Default Re: seen in Las Vegas

    Those arenít my colors or style, but I know the kind of quilt that is art that you are talking about. That looks very ďwildĒ, but I think it is leather and silk and if you can get past the contemporary slant, it looks it is based on Asian Design elements. Fan shaped pieces, the flower patterns on the silk. The silk bolsters on the couch.

    I have quite a bit of garment quality leather hanging in my closet, that was my momís. She passed 25 years ago, Iíve given away most of her high design clothes, but she had a lot of custom made garments (various lengths mid thigh and longer) sort of vests with little capped sleeves, no buttons, but pockets. She wore them over dresses, she sold Asian designed goods and Oriental carpets. She probably had the clothes tailored in Japan. We imported from Southeast Asia and India and Pakistan. She went to China and Japan. I went on hebuinv trip with her in 1986 afteD finished medical school and residency training but not starte practicing Child Psychiatry.

    Iíve often thought, Iíll consign them, Iíll sell them, Iíll give them away. Once or twice Iíve worn a black one.

    My work (before I got too sick was very different and I dressed very casually, conservatively, I wa a child psychiatrist, certainly not high fashion. She worked in the Merchandise Mart of Chicago. For awhile I worked in Beverly Hills, then Southern VA. Iíve always been more sandals or sneakers to her eelskin bags, but we were best friends.

    I was ting of using leather and silk to have pillows made, Iím gettting a very deep sectional made. I finally decided yesterday and Iím using Capri Harness. Iím horizontal a lot and donít always want. Be in, having a beautiful couch whee can see my garden from, will be great. For people that want to sit up, they will need pillows behind their back.

    I figured, since I have beautiful and silk, I could have them made into millow cases and buy inserts. The Capris sectional is already pricy, so since I have those materials, hopefully I could find someone here who could make them into pilowcases, leather on one side,, salon the other.

    A leather quilt has always come to mind when I lay the leathers. It would take someone who knew how to sew, but also workwith leather. Thatís probably not going to happen.

    Two garments I canít imagine cutting. Theyíd need very ďspecificĒ people to army off wearing them. Onis a totally politically incorrect eelskin vest like garment. The other is a mid calf, lavender leather, full vest, neautfully hand painted with simple geometric (entangled triangles) down the sides and hemline. Iíd have to look in the bac of my closet for a good description.

    Now....if I had one more life...Iíd love to be an artistic quilter. Iíve seen some Japanese quilt online that are made from silks from antique kimonos that are as much like paintings as they are ďquiltsĒ.

    I wish I KNEW quilters or good seamstresses. Living in Virginia Beach ( and chronically ill) isnít e same as being in the thick of Los Angeles or Chicago.

    S fun to have found this forum.

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    Default Re: seen in Las Vegas

    I think it is way too much for me, but I can see the beauty of it in smaller doses. Take just the ottoman and put with the right, solid furniture pieces and it could be beautiful. Take a solid leather sofa or chair, maybe a black one, and make throw pillows out of the patchwork leather and they would pop. As it is, it is so busy you can't focus on the beautiful parts of it. Maybe with shades.

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