Hi, brand new to the forum but have been lurking and reading all week. We have a fair amount of furniture to buy for a new home and one of the things is an upholstered cloth loveseat and couch. We had went shopping yesterday and kind of zeroed in on two options, one with Smith Brothers which would cost us about $4450 delivered and the other with Taylor King which would cost us around $4300. Our big dilemma is we found a one off Bernhardt couch and oversized chair at an outlet that would cost us $1500 total. I could order the Ottoman to go with the chair for about $500 so out the door I'd be at around $2000 vs. $4300 to $4400. I know the Smith Brothers and Taylor King is better quality but curious to get insights from others is how much better quality and how good of a quality is Bernhardt. Could I get 8 to 12 years out of the Bernhardt stuff? $2400 is hard to ignore when we have to buy a fair amount of furniture and have a lot of other expenses moving into a new home, but if the Bernhardt is really poor quality that would start to steer me other way. One other note, that the Bernhardt stuff the Mrs. is still real happy with the color scheme and look of it so we wouldn't be sacrificing anything there. Curious to get others opinions and thanks in advance.

I do the Bernhardt furniture is all wood, but not 8 way hand tied. Here are the details I know on each:

Smith Brothers: It is out of there 8000 series
Talor King: I have a part number P46-92-2 Dakota (was told it is part of their Profile collection/program)
Bernhardt: Franklin sofa/chair: B4827