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Thread: Emilio Sofa, Chair and Ottomans in Tiburon Java

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    ViviV your furniture is beautiful. I had been following your thread because I've been looking at the Wrangler also and was curious to see where you ended up. I hadn't seen the Emilio line yet, so I'll look. I'm also looking at similar colors that you were. The Weston's are gone. So far I like the Hyde Park Cognac, I have some more on the way. Nice to see your process and where you ended up. I think I have a Tiburon on the way.

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    My wife and I are looking into buying a H&M sofa and have chosen to focus on the Emilio after looking through their site and catalog. What's unfortunate is that the local stores do not have much of a selection of H&M (and no Emilio sofas) so it is tough to fully understand what we are getting ourselves in to. As such, I'm hoping that you can help answer a few questions since you are an owner of one.

    First, the total depth is listed as 44" while the inside (seat) depth is just 21.5". Compared to other models, this is quite a big difference. Are the cushions rather large to account for the difference? We would've expected the seat depth to be deeper than 21.5". (we actually prefer a deeper seated couch so may look at customizing it to 24")

    Second, the pitch of the back of the sofa looks rather slanted in some pictures. We are concerned that the natural seating position of the sofa would be quite angled. Does the sofa sit comfortably?

    Third, we are trying to decide between a grade 1 or 3 (perhaps a gunner or wade). I see that you got a grade 3. Would you definitely recommend it despite the extra cost?

    Any advice you can provide would be much appreciated. Thank you!


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    You may want to use Private Messaging to reach out to another member on an older thread as they may not see your question otherwise. PM's usually trigger an email to them.

    21.5" is an average depth - you can have it customized to suit you however. Cushion size is average.

    Any loose cushion back can be adjusted as they are held onto denim type back with velcro. You can change the pitch several degrees by simply repositioning the back cushion.

    The Emilio Series is in the Town and Country Promotional Program in Gaucho Mocha Burnished (GR3) . If you like the color leather, it effectively gives you (more or less) a GR 3 sofa at a GR 2 price point.
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    I have the Emilio. The back of the Emilio is thickly padded and slanted. This accounts for why it’s wide and the seat depth is standard.

    The back cushions come up high. We initially didn’t like the seating of it as much.
    We switched out the seat cushion cores to the down upgrade which helped.

    I like the style of the Emilio. But it’s not nearly as comfortable for us as the September sectional.
    Due to the higher back and square arms of the Emilio it just isn’t as comfortable as the proportions and round arms of the September. Our September has standard cushions. For another more comfortable style I would consider the Kodiak.

    I have the Emilio in the Gaucho Mocha Burnished Duane suggested from the discounted lineup. The leather is very nice.

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