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Thread: Pricing for Antique Iron Fencing

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    Default Pricing for Antique Iron Fencing

    Hi guys. I have had in my basement for a few years beautiful antique iron fencing: nine sections of 8-ft. fencing, a gate, and 6 posts, all made by Stewart Iron Works out of Ohio, sometime between 1903-1915 (when the Ohio factory was operational). I wanted to have it sandblasted, powder coated, and installed around our front walkway because it's a beautiful old piece of Americana, but my husband says it reminds him too much of cemetery fencing--so I reluctantly need to sell it. It's in pretty good shape, overall: rusted, but not to the point of corrosion, and a couple of the top loops on one of the railings is bent. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea how to price it. I called the company (still in existence) and the woman on the phone laughed at me and said she had no idea, so that was a big help. Any thoughts? (I have no idea why all the images are appearing upside down, because they're right side up on my computer.) Thanks.

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    Default Re: Pricing for Antique Iron Fencing??

    Absent something special about the fence, and (sorry), to me that fence looks pretty ordinary as wrought iron fences go, I suspect that the maximum value you'll obtain is the cost of a roughly equivalent new wrought iron fence section less the cost of sandblasting and powder coating to make it cosmetically acceptable. Realistically speaking, as you will also need to consider that your buyer will have to like that specific style and have fencing needs that require no more fence sections than you can provide, and they're also going to have to go through the trouble of picking up the fence at your location and rehabilitating the fence themselves, I think you'll find yourself having to provide a significant discount off of that initial price.

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    Default Re: Pricing for Antique Iron Fencing??

    If you do something like powder coat it white, it won't look at all like cemetery fencing and maybe your husband will like it. If you really like it, could you have that done on one of the gates to show him what it would look like to gain acceptance? Or try to google for white iron fence and look for pictures in that style to see what he thinks.

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    Default Re: Pricing for Antique Iron Fencing??

    That fence is worth EXACTLY what someone is willing to pay for it. In that respect, you have to do all the selling with excellent photos, which means you have to drag it out of the basement and set it up temporarily out in the yard so a buyer can see the potential. It would be a pain to try to ship, so you would be limited to probably Craigslist ads for up to 100 miles from where you live.
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