I had a root canal on my left back molar on May 30th, then a crown put on a few weeks later. The tooth was annoying and has been all summer. Can't put any pressure on it, so I was chewing on the right side only. Obviously, the root canal or the tooth - had problems. Went back to my dentist that did the crown and he mucked around and came up with nothing. Said to go back to the Endodontist in a week if it was still bugging me, and I waited a month.

Yesterday I return to the Endodonist and he does a dental scan using a CT machine, quite the $ 175,000 gadget. Good guy, he did that at no charge - its typically $ 350 to do one. I was hoping the tooth wasn't cracked below the gum line because if that's the case, it has to come out and that $ 5K into the root canal and crown is gone....then several thousand more for an implant.

He saw two small, dark pockets at the base of the root in the CT Scan and say "I'm going to give you (8) prescription steroid pills, it that doesn't work I will do surgery from the side and get into those pockets". I was good with that - no one likes surgery but you have to do what you got to do.

Well, this morning I woke up and after taking only 2 of the 8 pills, the issue is gone. Just two. I could not believe it - I didn't think they'd work at all and he was just giving me some pills to try something before the surgery, which usually makes patients feel better to try something less drastic. I'm pretty amazed by how these fixed the problem - can't wait to tell him, of course I'll finish the whole course. And here I tolerated that tooth issue most of the summer......wow.