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    I have a B-Y recliner that needs a new recliner mechanism. I was just wondering if it is cost effective to turn it into a power lift chair as I am on permanent disability and it's getting harder to push myself off.

    John P.

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    Probably not. It requires an entirely new mechanism to do so. I've never had a request for that, however you would have to gut all of the unit and replace every moving part. B-Y doesn't list parts prices - I don't think they offer a lift variant on their recliners - but from Hancock and Moore it would be $ 1,030 plus shipping (another $ 100) and then you have to pay someone to install it all - I would think an upholsterer would charge $ 300 or so (check locally for a cost estimate). If your chair is in top condition, you might could justify it, however when the standard mechanism is broken, my experience has been the recliner is usually well-used at that point and not worth the investment as a cost-saving measure. I would suggest ordering a new recliner ready to go with the lift mechanism. Hancock and Moore has the # 3032-L Austin Power Lift Wallhugger which is what I would recommend (just sold one yesterday) in the Town and Country Promotional program.
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    Hey Dr. Collie,

    Thanks a lot! That chair looks great. Now the question is can I afford it? I will let you know.


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