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Thread: Three Year Old Girl Needs Fantasy Bed Without Pottery Barn Nightmare for Daddy

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    Default Three Year Old Girl Needs Fantasy Bed Without Pottery Barn Nightmare for Daddy

    Hi. I am new to this site so apologies if I am going about this wrong ... My wife has found the perfect bed for our three year old daughter, who is a huge fan of everything princess and fairy related. The link is below. My wife think the bed will make our daughter very happy (ie she will stay in her bed room and sleep there alone), and I don't doubt it will, but I don't like the thought of paying nearly $2,000 for Pottery Barn quality. The bed is perfect in terms of size and design, but I have serious concerns about it in terms of value for money, and I am constantly irritated at Pottery Barn's, for lack of a better term, "cute but overpriced cr*p." I for one don't want to be taken, if I can avoid it, and my wife has challenged me to find a better bed for our daughter than this one. I think that there should be a real furniture maker option out there which is AS cute and as magical looking at this item ... but I haven't been able to find it and if I can't it is the Pottery Barn option for my little girl. Any pointers on where I might look for a similar tufted canopy bed are much appreciated! I'd prefer to buy something made of actual wood, and made in America of course, but it has to have a similar style or my wife will veto it. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Three Year Old Girl Needs Fantasy Bed Without Pottery Barn Nightmare for Daddy

    I can duplicate that bed as a full custom from one of America's finest turners and bedmakers. and it would be 10x better made and superior in every respect, but you won't like the price! To do that right, $ 6K to $ 8K.
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