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Thread: Help me pick a great leather!

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    Default Re: Help me pick a great leather!

    Having worked with Duane for the ordering of our sofa, chairs, and ottoman, I highly recommend carefully considering his advice. He knows his stuff! We selected a Capri hide for our sofa and a Hyde Park hide with light burnishing for our chairs and ottoman. The hides work together, beautifully. We are happy-happy-happy customers!


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    Hi! I see you are a big fan of the Hyde Park “hydes” and also got a chair or sofa in a Capri. I know the Capris are described as buttery soft. I love the look of the Burnished hydes, am considering Hyde Park Cognac or Earth. Do the finished pieces feel much different ( if you remember) from the little samples.

    I guess I’m wondering and maybe Duane can answer as well, are the little samples “pre-burnishing”? Or is it just hard to see any highs and lows on a little sample? Also, my little sample pieces seem more matte than the Burnished pieces of furniture I see, but that could be a function of size, lighting, finish applied, etc.

    I’m still deciding between the more aesthetic choice of a Sundance large and small couch, which I think are so beautiful and would fit with the few other beautiful pieces I have that are from the Far East and many Oriental carpets; my family was in the import business.

    And the more utilitarian large, rambling cushy Wrangler Sofa. I’m chronically ill and horizontal a lot. My 11 year old lab, though surprisingly light on her feet and trainable to go on a designated corner with “her” blankie, will usually be nearby.

    My great room ( a formal living room is separate and not even in my thoughts right now) is long, large, open has a fireplace on one wall and will have a big TV wall mounted on a perpendicular wall.

    How have you “felt” sitting on your different leathers? The furniture and coffee table approximate the size of a Wrangler.

    Thanks and to anyone with opinions,
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    Default Re: Help me pick a great leather!

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    Floor and rock wall and dog in search of leather

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    There is as much difference between a luxury super-soft leather such as Capri to a Burnished hide as there is a hamburger to a steak. They're both beef, but that's all they have in common. Two different looks, feels, textures and performance. I have both in my own home and I like them both equally. It depends on the look you want to create and the textures you want to feel (and are willing to pay for). To some degree, lifestyle comes into play as well. If you want no fuss, no muss, then the burnished hides are pretty solid and tough. If you want to sit in a leather and go ahhhhhhhh.....and can avoid dropping a slice of pepperoni pizza on the leather, then the Capris and similar are magnificent - and without peer. Assess your lifestyle (you know if you are a slob, or not!) and choose accordingly.
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