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Thread: What kind of leather is this?

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    Default What kind of leather is this?

    This isn't furniture-related but rather, leather-related. In my neverending quest to find dress shoes for women of comparable quality to my husband's enviable Allen Edmonds, I stumbled across some nice looking (if a little masculine) shoes from a notable riding boot supply company. Leather soles with anti-slip inserts, goodyear welting, made in Spain, all the lovely words I like to see (but almost never see in the fast fashion world of women's shoes). Anyways, today is my first day wearing them. I drove to work and have only been paddling around in my carpeted office and amongst the office buildings at lunch. After lunch, I noticed this little remarkably white flake off at the toe. What is this? Bonded leather? Alas, my quest continues...

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    Bonded leather would never be used in a shoe, it wouldn't hold up at all. Your boot looks like it has a fault (weak area) on the sole that shouldn't be there, I'd return it and ask then about it. That's pretty unusual to see that.
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    Hey Jenny, I'm a rider & very well versed in riding boots & know of most, if not all of the reputable makers of equestrian footwear. Who's the maker? That shouldn't be happening AT ALL in a shoe meant for use around horses. Just by their very nature, riding boots & equestrian footwear has to be safe, durable & able to routinely take a beating. Are you absolutely positive these are even leather? I ask, because many makers have recently launched or have always had what the equestrian community calls "after ride wear." It's an industry term for "lower priced, not meant for riding, mass appeal" product lines geared towards either new riders hesitant to spend $250+ on footwear for a sport they just picked up, or just hanging out at the barn, & of course non riders looking for an equestrian inspired shoe.

    Off topic, how have you been? I haven't talked to you in forever it seems! Lol, last time we spoke we were discussing our obsession with design books & catalogs...think you were looking for legs for table you had & had tried finding them at CB2, or something like that. Speaking of which, did you eventually find the perfect table legs?

    Anyways, really awesome seeing you're still here. A couple of years ago, I was increasingly no longer having the extra time I used to spend on this forum & kinda let it fall to the wayside. But, I have a more flexible work schedule now, & decided I'd come back to this awesome, informative group of people here...gosh, I forgot how much I missed it! 😊

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